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Learning to access pay checks, W-2’s, and other info from your employer using QuickBooks Workforce.

Viewing and managing your pay checks, W-2’s, and other employee info has been made easy and secure for you by QuickBooks. If you have just received an email invite to Workforce by your employer, we’ll help you get started.

Pay check Records has been replaced with QuickBooks Workforce.

As of October 31, 2019, employees who have been using Pay check Records in viewing their pay stubs will be provided with the link to migrate to QuickBooks Workforce.

Accepting Workforce invite from your employer

After receiving the invite by your employer the invite will be valid up to 30 days from the day it was sent.

  1. Look for an email from Intuit Services ( with a subject “Finish setting up with (insert business name here).”Note: Don’t see the invite? Check your spam folder. Or let your employer know about it. It’s possible they used an incorrect email.
  2. Open the email, and then select the Get access for pay checkslink to accept the invite. Remember that you can only use this link once.
  3. Create an Intuit account, or sign in with your existing one. Note: An Intuit account lets you access multiple Intuit services using a single login. If you have a Mint or TurboTax account, you can use the same login for your QuickBooks Workforce.
If you already have an existing Workforce account

Don’t worry. You can accept multiple invites so you can access pay stubs, and W-2’s from multiple employers. Just make sure to provide them the same email address you use for your existing Workforce account.

Sign in to QuickBooks Workforce

  1. Open a browser on your computer or mobile device. QuickBooks Workforce runs smoothly on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (for Mac).
  2. Go to and sign in. Note: If you forgot your password or user ID, select the I forgot my user ID or passwordlink and follow the onscreen instructions.

Have multiple employers? To see your list of companies, go to the small arrow ▼ icon next to the name of the company you have open. Then, select a company to switch to.

View, download, or print your pay checks

  1. Go to pay checks.
  2. View, download, or print your latest pays check or past pay checks.

View available time off, year-to-date earnings and deductions, and tax info

Your “Pay checks” screen instantly gives you more info that matters to you.

Available time off

 Year to date

 Tax info

View, download, or print your W-2’s

You can view your W-2 copies B, C, and 2 from the W-2 screen. For added security, you might have to verify your phone number or some of your personal info first.

  1. Go to W-2 
  2. Select the W-2 copy that you want to view or download (and then print).

Turn on notifications for new pay checks

Make sure to get an email reminder every time your new pay check is available.

  1. Go to Settings⚙.
  2. Under Settings, select Email Notification.
  3. Select send me an email when new pay stubs are available.

Update your email address or password

If you need to change your email or password for your account, here’s how.

  1. Go to Settings⚙.
  2. Select Account settings.
  3. Edit your login and personal info under Sign & Security and Personal Info.

Get extra help

If you have more questions, chat with us so we can help. We are available from Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT.

Let us know what you think

We’re always looking for ways to improve QuickBooks Workforce. Let us know what you think in the QuickBooks Workforce forum!

Pay check Records to QuickBooks Workforce migration

We heard your feedback and are pleased to introduce QuickBooks Workforce, a new worker portal to replace Pay check Records. We’re excited to share a few of the improvements coming for your employees and contractors. In QuickBooks Workforce, your employees will now be able to download and view copies of their most recent W2, and see accrued paid time off. We’ve also streamlined the design and user experience on web and mobile browsers for your employees and contractors.

If even after performing all the steps mentioned you still face the issue kindly call QuickBooks technical support expert to assist you further. For more information about Installing QuickBooks visit, you can reach our technical experts by calling at 1-877-390-1412.

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