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We place caps on the amount you can send using our direct deposit services, to help protect you from corrupt activities. If case you’ve received a direct deposit limit error message, you can request for an increase to your direct deposit limit, or you can also modify your payroll transmission so that you’re under the limit.

If you attempt to send payroll more than four times when your direct deposits exceed the maximum allowed, your account will be placed on Direct Deposit Limit Hold.

Please contact a payroll service representative at:

Online Payroll:  In Product Support

 Desktop Payroll: 1-877-390-1412 (DIY Payroll) or 1-877-390-1412 (Assisted Payroll)

Kindly read through to get answers to frequently asked questions about direct deposit limit increases.

What is the turnaround time for a direct deposit limit increase request?

Requests are reviewed within 3 to 4 business hours, but turnaround time depends on the increase amount requested. Additional documentation may be required.

Do I have another option if I don’t want to raise my direct deposit limit or the limit increase is denied?

Many companies exceed the limits only once or twice a year when they pay bonuses. To avoid exceeding the limit, consider paying large bonuses by check instead of using direct deposit. You could also break up your direct deposit into separate check dates.

What are the 6 months of bank statements for and what does Intuit do with it?

The Request for Bank Rating authorizes your financial institution to disclose information regarding your account history for the accounts you want us to take into consideration.

Knowing the average historical balance in your account helps us to determine whether your account is sufficiently funded for the direct deposit limits you are requesting.

Where do I send the 6 months of bank statements?

Fax it to us at 1-877-390-1412 or email it to

I have sufficient funds in my account. Why didn’t my payroll go through?

When you are trying to send a direct deposit that exceeds your established limit, we ask for additional information to approve a larger amount.

To know more on how to Know Direct Deposit Security Limits in QuickBooks call QuickBooks technical support USA on their toll-free number 1-877-390-1412 Also, you can write to us at, Feel free to reach us anytime; our team of executives is 24/7 available at your service.

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