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The QuickBooks is, undeniably, a robust application introduced by Intuit. For both small and mid-sized industries, it is the best option. The QuickBooks is a programme that includes some of the most amazing features and features. There are certain difficulties and mistakes that can occur when it comes to technicalities, protocols, and algorithms.  The QuickBooks Error code 1935 is one such error.

We’re going to bring down the strategies in this article to resolve this error. We’ll even discuss the possible reasons behind this mistake. You should get in touch with our QuickBooks customer care for more information.

What is Error 1935 in the QuickBooks and the reason why does it happen?

The QuickBooks Error code 1935 happens when, while running a programme, the machine is installed and switched off. A Microsoft .NET System part is missing or not operating, which is the major reason behind this mistake.

You may see that one of the below error messages on your computer screen when attempting to install the QuickBooks desktop or Microsoft .Net System on Windows:

  • Error 1935: Requires .NET Application for this configuration
  • Error 1935: An error happened during assembly installation.

Factors that shows the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error 1935

There may be more whenever it comes to the variables showing Error code 1935. Here are a couple of the most common factors:

  • The first indication is that the system stops for a few seconds occasionally.
  • “QuickBooks faces a challenge and emerges on the computer with a note reading” We apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Error 1935: This design allows the .NET Application to appear at all times
  • The .NET Application component is not installed on your device, is damaged, or the QuickBooks installation is stopped by a third party software.
  • Windows runs slowly and responds slowly to both keyboard and mouse inputs.
  • Entries in infected system files maybe several Windows System Files are infected.

Factors contributing to the QuickBooks Error 1935 

Maybe you’ll ask if this mistake really happened. Thus, we have come up with some of the most common explanations to answer your question. The QuickBooks Error code 1935 may have different reasons; many of them are listed below:

  • Whenever the Microsoft .NET System is not installed, the first thing that can lead to this kind of error is.
  • In the event of an old Microsoft .NET System on the machine.
  • This error can also be caused by compromised Microsoft .NET Application applications.
  • Another widely experienced cause is inadequate installation of QuickBooks.
  • This error can also be identified if the QuickBooks app you have downloaded is corrupt.
  • If any other programme deletes QuickBooks files inadvertently.
  • Windows or other programme files are damaged except in the event of a virus or other contamination.

This is a couple of the variables that could result in mistakes of this sort. Let us now explore the ways in which these mistakes can be conveniently solved.

The ways to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 1935

In order to eliminate the QuickBooks Error 1935, there might be a list of remedies that may function, some of which are mentioned below along with the steps to be taken each of the processes:

Solution 1: QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool Installation Download and Install

  • The very first thing is to “reboot” your device.
  • And after that “Administrator” signing into the system.
  • Attach the device to an internet connection, after that.
  • The “QuickBooks Install diagnostic tool” needs to be downloaded.
  • The next move is to save this file on your computer’s desktop.
  • Then, double-click the file “QB Install Tool v2.exe” and close all open programmes running in the system backend.
  • Upon completion of the device’s diagnosis, what you have to do is “reboot” the operating system.
  • Downloading the QuickBooks app is the final stage.

Solution 2: Microsoft .NET Application Repair or Reinstall

  • Perhaps the first step in this process is to open the “Run” window and afterwards press the “Windows + R” key on the keyboard.
  • Fill in Control Panel “and press the option” OK.
  • The next move is to press the “Uninstall” button.
  • Then tap on “Turn ON or OFF Windows Feature”
  • If not allowed, turn on .NET Platform 4.5. You must also close the Windows function window and reset the device afterwards. Then, by simply upchucking the box and also restarting the device, press “OK” to fix the .NET Framework. Re-enable and reboot the .NET System, if already available.
  • You will need to verify “.NET Platform 3.5” in this stage, by simply pressing the box.
  • If not allowed, press “OK” and reboot the device. Even, just by cleaning out the box and restarting the machine, correct the .NET Framework.

Solution 3: Download the Latest Updates for Windows

  • Tap the “Start” button for at first in this method.
  • Type ‘update’ and press ‘Enter.’
  • The Windows upgrade dialogue box will appear after this stage.
  • Press the “Install Updates” tab, if there are any updates available.

Solution 4: Uninstall the QuickBooks Antivirus and Update

The very first step in this approach is to restart the machine with the QuickBooks installation error 1935 and then execute the installation process.

  • It should be remembered that the anti-virus software must be halted after download.
  • Install the QB and .NET framework, if it’s not already present.
  • Restart the antivirus software after the QB and .NET Application are properly configured.

Solution 5: Restoring the Microsoft .NET framework manually

  • The first step in this approach is to refresh the Microsoft .NET structure.
  • Tap the Microsoft .NET application site, afterwards.
  • Download the installer for the web.
  • Interpret the instructions that will appear on the computer and then execute the .NET application according to the specifications.


We addressed how to get rid of the quick book error 1935 in the best manner possible. Hopefully, the above-suggested remedies would surely rectify the QuickBooks error code 1935.

It will help to get rid of any such error by implementing any of the ways of debugging the issue. If the mistake cannot be corrected, simply contact our QuickBooks customer care team by dialing our phone number. By writing to us, you can also contact us at For more information, you can visit

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