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QuickBooks Desktop is a widely used accounting program for managing data files in small and medium-sized businesses. It enables you to consolidate all of your financial and accounting documents into a single, secure location. It’s used to keep track of prices, invoices, and business data from spreadsheets, as well as to keep track of inventory.

QuickBooks Desktop has a number of advanced features that help you complete your task faster and with less effort. It’s designed for businesses that need advanced features to manage their records.

QuickBooks Desktop assists you in creating certain preferences that will enable you to save your data in an organized manner.

In this post, we’ll go over how to set up QuickBooks preferences on the QuickBooks Desktop in detail.

If you have any questions, you can contact the QuickBooks customer care for assistance and more information. Our experts would gladly assist you to resolve the error.

 Some of the Benefits of QuickBooks Desktop Preferences

  • Time and error savings
  • QuickBooks will help you work more efficiently.
  • When you do your bookkeeping in QuickBooks, you can manage and track your bookkeeping and accounting activities by customizing the look, layout, and settings.
  • Certain tastes may be tailored at the customer level.
  • Many interests often apply to a wide variety of company documents, and only the file admin user has access to make changes.
  • Preferences assist users in deciding how they want to use QuickBooks (QB) or setting personal preferences.

 Preferences in QuickBooks Desktop Accountancy that you’ve set up

  • Examining
  • Open the Pay Bills window.
  • Make a deposit in the Make Deposits section.
  • Click the Create Paychecks button to get started.
  • Inventory and items are subject to finance charges.
  • Many Currencies
  • Payments are made
  • Employees & Payroll
  • Clients & Sales

 The methods for configuring QuickBooks Preferences in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • The QuickBooks Desktop settings enable users to customize how they work with QuickBooks, as well as set personal and business preferences.
  • Selecting Preferencing from the Edit menu
  • As you can see, the left vertical window contains a preferences list.
  • Frequently use the buttons for My Priorities and Business Preferences.
  • Make sure you see all that is offered with each choice.

How Do I Install My QuickBooks Desktop Preferences?

 My Preferences tab determines how QuickBooks works for you. The settings you choose on this page will secure your user account.

  1. Priorities Only Graphs Preferences are used to monitor how QuickBooks displays graphical reports.
  • Reports are shown in colored 3D by default, but you can choose to draw graphs in 2D to make the process simpler.
  • Use patterns to see black and white patterns instead of colors for distinguishing bars, pie charts, and ledger entries.
  • The Adjust Report window appears automatically whenever you create a report.
  • Choose this option if you make changes to the report material and/or presentation on a regular basis.
  1. Reports and graph preferences: shows how and where refreshing occurs.
  • Please remind me to refresh: When the data in QuickBooks needs to be updated, The message “Report needs to be refreshed” will appear. You decide when to reload a report in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Do not reload: If you want QuickBooks to display the most recent results, press the Refresh button.
  • Refresh automatically: Select the automatically refresh option if you want updates that show the most recent changes or improvements. QuickBooks Desktop automatically updates the report if you make changes to it. This choice is the slowest of the three.
  1. Ask me if I want to change report options before I open a tab.

When this option is chosen, the Change Report window will open automatically whenever you make a request.

Choose this option if you make changes to the report material and/or presentation on a regular basis.

What to do to set up QuickBooks Company Preferences?

  • Only if you are a QuickBooks Desktop administrator can you make changes with this option.
  • You can reclassify the details of your accounts for the Cash Flows Statement report by using the Identify button under Cash Flows Statement.
  • The default setting for Overview reports determines whether reports are shown in Accrual or Cash.
  • The objects are shown in the Reports by examining how the object name is shown in the files.
  • The format allows you to customize the report’s appearance. When you press this button, the Report Format Choices window will appear, allowing you to customize headers, footers, fonts, and numbers in your reports.
  • Reports-View accounts in pairs, and choose whether or not to include the account number in the reports. If you really want account numbers to appear in your files, choose Name Only or Name and Description.

The Ageing Reports are the starting point for monitoring the amount of overdue days on surveys that measure pending invoices or unpaid bills. Check and change this setting if you have invoices or bills that are showing as past due on ageing documents, even if they have not yet reached the due date.

Age as of the due date: as of the invoice or statement due date.The overdue days start when you don’t make a payment or don’t make a payment on time.

Age from the date of transaction: days counted backwards from the date of invoice or declaration processing or the date of payment receipt.


The information in this article will help you set up your personal and business preferences for QuickBooks Preferences in QuickBooks Desktop. I hope the above-mentioned article has inspired you to set preferences that are specific to your needs. If you need additional assistance, please contact the QuickBooks customer care team via email. Our experts are thought to be among the most active and friendly.From our standpoint, we believe in providing the highest level of product support to our customers. You can also contact us by writing to ( You can also visit our website at for more knowledge on QuickBooks.

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