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When updating QuickBooks desktop or payroll, you may experience QuickBooks Error 12009. When QuickBooks Desktop is unable to connect to the internet, customers may encounter update issues, one of which is problem code 12009.

This issue could be caused by antivirus or firewall software that prevents QuickBooks or payroll updates from being launched, as well as incorrect security settings. For further information and assistance, please contact our QuickBooks error support team.

QuickBooks Error Code 12009 can be caused by a variety of factors.

  • The antivirus software is interfering with the QuickBooks updates.
  • The Internet Explorer settings are incorrect.
  • The default browser isn’t Internet Explorer.

Before you start debugging this error number, there’s one thing you should do.

Make a backup of your company’s files.

It is our recommended that you generate a company file backup because if something goes wrong during the troubleshooting procedure, you will not lose any of your data.

  • First of all, open the QuickBooks.
  • To create a local backup, go to File, select Back Up Company, and then Create Local Backup.
  • Then, to generate a company file backup, follow the on-screen instructions.

Few effective steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 12009

Step 1: Examine your Internet Explorer preferences.

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop and open a Run command by using the Windows+R keys on the keyboard.
  • Click OK after typing INETCPL.CPL.
  • Tap the Internet icon under the Security tab, then try to ensure the security level of this zone is Medium-high.
  • Also go to the Connections tab, select LAN settings, and tick the box for Automatically detect settings. Also, make sure that your LAN’s proxy server is unchecked, and if it is, enter the appropriate address and port.
  • Select OK.
  • Now go to the Advanced tab, scroll down to the security area, and make sure Use TLS 1.2 is checked.
  • Select OK.
  • Restart your computer now.
  • Close QuickBooks Desktop and retry the update installation.

Step 2: Reinstall QuickBooks Updates after resetting the updates.

  • QuickBooks Desktop needs to be open.
  • Go to Help and in that click on QuickBooks Desktop Update option.

●      Update Now should be selected.

●      Select Reset Update from the drop-down menu and click it and get Notifications

●      It’s possible that updating QuickBooks Desktop will take some time.

Step 3: Make sure your security software is up to date.

●      Security software can sometimes hinder QuickBooks desktop from launching updates.

●      It’s possible that it’s preventing QuickBooks from accessing and launching its file. Every security program has a distinct way of obtaining approval to allow an app.

●      We propose that you put it on hold for a while or contact their customer service team.

●      If the problem persists after completing the previous three procedures, please continue with the procedures below.

Step 4: Using Selective Startup, uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks.

  • To open the Run box, click the Windows+R keys together on the keyboard. Type MSCONFIG in the Run box and click OK.
  • Choose Selective startup from the General page and uncheck the Load startup items option. Then click OK.
  • Click Restart if requested.
  • Then the QuickBooks Desktop should be uninstalled and reinstalled.

Step 5: Return to the default startup mode.

  • To open a Run window, use Windows+R.
  • Now, in the Run box, type MSCONFIG and click OK.
  • Choose Normal Startup.
  • After that, click Apply and then OK.
  • Restart your computer now.

Step 6: Manually download and install the QuickBooks release.

  • QuickBooks Desktop should be closed.
  • Go to the Download and Update page for QuickBooks.
  • Then choose your country, product, and version from the drop-down menus.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • Get the most recent updates by clicking here (will be available below to download button). Based on the file size and internet speed, the download may take a little time.
  • Click on the downloadable file once it has finished downloading (.exe)
  • If prompted, select Yes.
  • To start the QuickBooks update, obey the on-screen directions.

Final thoughts

After completing all of the procedures above, you should no longer be experiencing QuickBooks Error 12009; however, if the problem persists, you can contact our professionals for assistance. To obtain the help you need, call our QuickBooks Customer Care. If you have any questions, please email us at is yet another website where you may receive answers to your QuickBooks questions.

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