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The question that is asked quite often among all the frequent QuickBooks users who just want to send a QuickBooks file with their accountants is how to send the QuickBooks file through email. And small business owners employ an accountant to handle their business finances. Even then, they are still worried about “How do I share via email my QuickBooks file?” v” To answer the same issue of the company owners and accountants.  In this article we will understand the way to send the QuickBooks file via email.

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Is It Safe To Share Your Vital Accounting Data By Email?

 There are many ways of sharing your company file, but since it can be done with ease, emailing is among the commonly used techniques. Nonetheless, different risks are concerned with exchanging the QuickBooks details via email. For instance, if a separate email address is typed identified as the most important-punching mistake, then your accounting data can be in the wrong hands. Often, your data can be stolen if your email is hacked when multi-factor authentication is not enabled. File encryption is used by the QuickBooks Accountant File Transfer Service to eliminate the security risks associated with sharing a portable QuickBooks file via email.

 File Types of QuickBooks That Can Be Exchanged Via Email

How to email the QuickBooks file? Before knowing the thing about that you must be aware of the file types that can be submitted via email.

  1. File for the QuickBooks Backup:

On backing up the company file, the QuickBooks saves the archive file with the extension .QBB. It is a compressed version of the company file of the QuickBooks that, because of its smaller size, can quickly be sent by email until the size reaches 25 MB. The great option about sending a backup file is that it could be sent and received with no trouble opening it on various versions of the QuickBooks Desktop. To send the QuickBooks .QBB file via email.

  • In the QuickBooks, choose Switch to Single-user Mode situated underneath the File tab.
  • Press the File tab and pick Company Backup
  • Select Build Local Backup
  • Then choose Local Backup from Build Backup windows
  • Using the Backup Options window to save your QuickBooks Company file backup copy to your desired location.
  • You can share it via email after you press Save.

Throughout the case of a backup file, above mentioned procedure responds to “how to email the QuickBooks file.”

  1. The QuickBooks Portable Company File:

A portable company file in QuickBooks contains only the important financial information of your business. This file is compressed by deleting needless content, such as logos, pictures, models, and more. Even so, you can use other file sharing programmes, such as Share File or Drop box, unless the file size reaches more than 25 MB.

To Send the QuickBooks Portable Company File via Email

  • In the QuickBooks, press File tab
  • then choose Create Copy
  • Then tap Portable Company File (QBM), and after that press next
  • Navigate the Save in the drop-down menu to pick Desktop
  • To save the QuickBooks portable company file on your desktop, tap Save and then OK twice.

Upon checking that it does not exceed 25 MB, you can now download a portable QuickBooks file to be exchanged via email.

  1. Accountant’s Copy of QuickBooks File

Sharing the Accountant’s copy of the QuickBooks file via email is safe and easy. This file method includes the Intuit system to send a download link to the QuickBooks company file.

  • Hover your mouse over the Accountant’s Copy under the File tab
  • then choose the  Client Activities , and afterwards press Save
  • once more, select Accountant ‘s Copy and click Next
  • after that Enter a Dividing Date and afterwards press Next to progress further
  • Press OK, indicate the file name and location, and afterwards click Save to complete the mission.


You will have a “How to email QuickBooks paper” idea from the above sections. If you have some logistical unease about the methods, don’t hesitate to call our QuickBooks support phone number. Our trained expert can answer your call and discuss all the challenges and issues you face while using the app. Our experts are known to be among the most effective and accommodating. We believe in providing our Clients with our best knowledge and support. By writing to us, you can also contact us at (

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