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QuickBooks POS keeps track of all POS transactions, including inventory acquisition, purchase, and selling, as well as inventory and customer monitoring.

The QuickBooks desktop allows you to pay taxes, monitor sales, receive customers, and run financial reports. Monetary Exchange is a form of data transfer between these two applications that can take place at any time or as part of an end-of-day process.

The QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060 is a connection timeout error that occurs while processing debit or credit card payments in QuickBooks. In this post, we’ll look at how you can fix it and what the reasons are for making such a mistake.

The link must be active and available in order for credit cards and debit cards to be used in the scheme. QuickBooks POS error 10060 is also caused by inactive connections.

You can contact our QuickBooks customer support team for more questions and to learn more about QuickBooks. Our experts can assist you.

The causes and effects of QuickBooks POS Error 10060 are numerous.

The following factors can play a role in the incidence of QuickBooks POS error 10060:

  • The error may be caused by a bad internet connection.
  • The socket has a connection problem.
  • If the protection program is blocking the network link.
  • EFT Server problems may also result in an error.

If you seek assistance, you will be able to learn what you can do to resolve the issue.

The methods for resolving the QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060 are as follows

The following is a list of methods that may be able to assist you in solving your problem:

Solution1: Unless the socket is plugged in.

For these remedies, there are a few options mentioned below.

  • Verify the socket connection in a smooth manner.
  • Ensure that all of the wires are wired and secure.
  • Check to see if it’s up and running.

Solution 2: If the protection program prevents network access

For these remedies, there are a few options mentioned below:

  • Switch off all of your devices installed protection apps.
  • Conduct the transaction as well.
  • If no errors appear, the issue has been resolved.

Solution 3: If one or more workstations are in use, use the computer where the credit card is handled.

There are a few remedies mentioned below;

  • Initially, choose the edit menu and afterwards, Pick Preferences
  • After that, choose a business.
  • Then select the communication Configuration Option.
  • Test out your choice. This machine can be used for both credit and debit card transactions. If this isn’t the case, go ahead and save the update to this device.
  • Close the window and reopen the point of sale afterwards.
  • Then choose User Details from the local tools menu.
  • Look underneath the workstations for a WS-EFT server. If this is the case, the card should be handled with caution.

 Solution 4: Build a new data file

 A few options for such solutions are mentioned below:

  • To begin, go to the File menu and select Company Data, then click on New.
  • Then, in a given space, write a test and give the new data file a name.
  • After that Pick Priorities from the Edit menu, then Press Company from the Press Company menu, then Merchant Service from the Merchant Service menu, and afterwards fill in the details.
  • After clicking Save, go to Menu Tools and then User Details. Re-process the card at the POS.

Final thoughts

Make an effort to follow all of the above-mentioned steps to the letter and to execute them well. If you are unable to do that, please contact our QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number. Our experts will assist you in resolving the issue. You can also send us an email at Please contact our consultants, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are located all over the world. You can also visit for more details about QuickBooks.

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