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QuickBooks-The QuickBooks Desktop Revoked Certificate application can occur when you attempt to synchronise or integrate with a third-party application. You are limited to operate with the QuickBooks Desktop when this error occurs. In addition, you don’t need to worry too much about this bug, it can be patched at the same time as with third-party applications. All is alright. This mistake may not put your data at risk, but we still recommend you to fix it as quickly as possible.

In this article we will describe all the ways to eradicate the error, however if you need any help feel free to get in touch with our experts.

QuickBooks-The revoked certificate error application typically occurs when the QuickBooks Web Connector has to be modified and a third-party digital certificate expires. To correct this error manually, hurry up and start reading the article carefully. Here’s how to get it fixed:

Effective ways to Fix the QuickBooks – Application with Revoked Certificate Error

“Intuit says, “For a single question, more than one solution is available. If the first solution didn’t work, you should move on without further delay.’ Look at the steps to correct the mistake, check if the problem is unresolved or still the same after continuing with the steps.

Phase 1: Check whether or not your QuickBooks Web Connector has been modified.

  • At first Go to the Start menu for Windows, find your Web Connector, and then press Open.
  • Only look at the top bar of the window to search the version number that you are working on. This should be your version number:
  • If the previous patch has been modified, then go to the official Intuit site to download and install the latest of the Web Connector.

Note: We still want to mention that to download and install the QuickBooks Web Connector, contact your IT professionals and experts. When you do this on a manual basis, You will face different problems and technological factors scratching on your door.

Phase 2: Check and verify the legitimate or not valid third-party digital signature

  • Right-click the programme icon and click the Open File Location button.
  • After that right-click on the extension for your submission. Use: ApplicationName.exe as a collection example
  • Tap on Assets now
  • Access the tab on Digital Signatures
  • In the Signature List, highlight the name of the signer, then click Info.
  • Click the Certificate display button on the General page.
  • Check for the Valid Date now. If your digital signature date is expired or obsolete, just ask your IT professionals to get the latest third-party application certification at that time.
  • To exit the open window, click on the OK key.

Conclusion :

Hopefully, by following the above steps, the QuickBooks-Application with Revoked Certificate error will be immediately corrected. We think our solutions would come handy for you but if you want some kind of technical assistance, you can call our QuickBooks desktop support to get help from one of our dedicated experts. You can email us at the following address to request assistance. For more items related to QuickBooks, see You can visit our website as well.

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