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Error 816 in the QuickBooks is a frustrating error code that occurs when you attempt to open an extension file for your financial business (.QBW). (.QBW). When the error occurs, an error message indicates that QuickBooks is not able to access the document [path file name] on the host machine. This error mainly happens when you operate on a Linux server in multi-user mode. In addition, the active window is closed when an error occurs. We’ll discuss QuickBooks error 816 in this blog and see the methods of troubleshooting.

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Possible reasons behind Error Message 816 in the QuickBooks:

For many purposes, QuickBooks error message code 816 can be caused. Usually, it happens when a company file from QuickBooks avoids coordinating with the corresponding transaction log file.

  • When two users attempt to access a company file at the same time in Single User More
  • As data theft in the company file occurs,
  • A mismatch of. QBW with the corresponding .TLG file

Symptoms of Error Code 816 for QuickBooks:

You will learn about the error 816 in QuickBooks Desktop by the indications it gives after its arrival—

  • Slow device efficiency
  • Error code 816 on the screen of your computer
  • Active Window instantly crashes
  • The machine hangs for a few seconds occasionally,
  • The business file becomes unreachable

How to troubleshoot Company QuickBooks File Error 816?

To rectify the mistake, the reasons you have seen responsible for evoking the QuickBooks company file access error 816 need to be removed. You can get the job accomplished with the solutions given below.

Solution 1: QuickBooks Tool Center Download & Install

To repair popular data file mistakes, you can use the Quick Fix My Software feature from the QuickBooks Tool hub.

  • Until the process starts, leave QuickBooks
  • Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file to a place where it can be found quickly.
  • To pick Program Issues, navigate to the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Now, pick My Software Fast Fix
  • Wait until the end of the process and then reopen QuickBooks to access your company file again
  • If QuickBooks Desktop error 816 isn’t fixed, then the next approach will add luck to the troubleshooting phase.

Solution 2: Restart Your Server & Device

Often, to fix the Intuit QB error 816, it takes a complete device reset. Follow the measures mentioned below-

  • Restart all the devices that have access to your company file in the first place.
  • If your company data is stored on the server, restart the server if
  • Try opening the company file that displayed the error: 816 to see if the error message is received again.

Solution 3: Transfer the enterprise file to the local drive

Until you begin, make sure all users can access the file that is signed out of the company file. Now, execute the steps shown below—

  • Firstly, reboot all the network systems.
  • Open the QuickBooks Company File folder now and copy the .QBW file to your local drive.
  • Moving the file to its original position once again
  • Try to open the file now and check if this solution is successful in resolving Intuit QB error 816

Solution 4: On your device, run a Complete Malware Scan

If a data file virus or malware infection in QuickBooks evokes error 816, this solution can resolve the error. The infections caused by malware or virus attacks on company files often hamper the system’s performance. The deletion of a malicious programme can be effective in fixing errors.

NOTE: If none of the troubleshooting measures help you fix an error, then you can try to resolve the error by running QuickBooks File Doctor.

Conclusion :

Some of the most considered solutions for resolving QuickBooks Phone Number are the solutions listed above. If you encounter some technological discomfort, however, and need to speak with a professional, then you are only a call away. Dial our QuickBooks error support number and you will be immediately supported by our QuickBooks experts with a relevant solution. You will fix QuickBooks error 816 within a minute’s notice and get back to your day-to-day accounting routine. You can receive assistance by emailing us at ( You may, however, visit our website at for more QuickBooks-relevant products.

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