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Quickbooks Error code 5502 in the QuickBooks can happen as the server is not able to connect to the QuickBooks. “You can see any of the error messages on the screen when the error occurs: “Sync is not properly completed” or “QuickBooks data has been uploaded but has failed to connect through the server. In QuickBooks, there are multi-faceted explanations that can elicit error 5502. It is necessary to be aware of the potential causes behind the error in order to correct the error. To find some efficient solutions to remove QuickBooks error 5502, read this blog until the end.

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Potential explanation behind the QuickBooks Error with Sync 55022

The QuickBooks error 5502 can occur for a variety of factors that you can review from the list below:

  • Shift in paper augmentation of the company
  • In Mac, the expansion record.QBB was physically renamed
  • Erroneous renaming of Windows expansion documents, such as .QBM, .QBB, or .QBXX
  • You can see error code 5502 in QuickBooks when harm occurs in the QuickBooks company file.
  • When working on a paper contained in the blaze drive of the USB

How to troubleshoot Error Message 5502 in the QuickBooks?

To fix the error: 5502, follow the procedures given below with the greatest attention:

Solution 1: Rename the file with .ND

The Network Data (.ND) file in the QuickBooks framework is a configuration file that allows the software to access a file on the network. To patch the corrupted .ND file, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to a folder containing a company file for QuickBooks and open it.
  • Locate the respective network file with the .ND extension now.
  • Right-click the .ND file and then click Rename.
  • After that you are required to add .OLD at the end of the file.

Check if error 5502 in QuickBooks is resolved. Switch to the next solution, if not.

Solution 2: Run Manager for QuickBooks Database Server

Using QuickBooks Database Server Manager, search your file.If the file is used over the network, follow the steps given below:

  • Click the key on your Windows keyboard.
  • Hit Database Server Manager for QuickBooks
  • Press Add Folder, and the Search folder option appears.
  • Choose the folder where the business file is stored and then click OK
  • In order to verify the status of Intuit error code 5502, press Scan and then reopen your company file.

Solution 3: Build a new folder & copy a file for the business

The set of steps below will help to complete this procedure:

  • Create a new folder on your desktop and copy the company file to your newly generated folder.
  • Right-click Rename a file and change the extension of a file to QBM
  • Start the QuickBooks programme now and restore all of your portable files
  • Rename the extension of an incorrect company file.
  • Restore all the copies.
  • If the .QBX extension file still doesn’t open, rename it.
  • Try to install the new Sync Manager update.

Follow the next troubleshooting strategy if the Intuit error code 5502 continues to bother you.

Solution 4: QuickBooks Program Uninstall & Reinstall

If the corrupt QuickBooks programme installation supports error code 5502, repair it by completing the instructions below:

  • First of all, uninstall the QuickBooks programme.
  • Then rename the folder for the installation to go further.
  • Thereafter you need to Download and install the QuickBooks and check the error status of QuickBooks 55022 .


In QuickBooks, the troubleshooting methods addressed in this post will effectively fix the sync manager error. However, by dialling our QuickBooks error support number, you still stand a chance to get professional help. Our trained QuickBooks experts can investigate the matter and fix the QuickBooks error code 5502 asap. You can get assistance by dropping an email to us ( However, you can visit our website at for more QuickBooks-relevant products.

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