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QuickBooks is the online accounting software which helps users to more easily and efficiently control their financial statement and benefits their business. Because of the speedy work and various features it is being used by various companies. However nothing is perfect and this software to have some flaws the users often encounter error while working in the QuickBooks that causes problem to them.

One of those errors is the QuickBooks Online Error 9999. It is an error that usually challenges numbers of users when upgrading banking details. It is a script error also known as a banking error and if it occurs, it does not enable you to change bank feeds or download transactions using the online banking website. This error often occurs when the users attempts to update the bank details in the QuickBooks online. The error message is displayed on the screen stating:  “Sorry we cannot update your account. Please try updating again later.

In this article we will discuss the:

  • The probable symptoms of the QuickBooks error 9999
  • Reasons for the occurrence of Error 9999
  • Ways to resolve the QuickBooks Error 9999

You can Call QuickBooks help to find out more about the error and its repercussions and also about the ways to resolve the error and our experts will assist you.

Some of the probable Symptoms of the QuickBooks Online Error 9999

QuickBooks users can’t get in touch with their bank if the error occurs.

The browser that you use will freeze and the operation will be slow.

You will end up receiving a dialog box with the error message.

Some of the potential cause that leads to the occurrence of the QuickBooks Online Error 9999

Here are the probable causes that lead to the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error 9999:

 Because of the slow speed of internet connection, it may take too long to create a connection between bank and Intuit Server that could lead to the error to occur.

May be Your Windows Security software is blocking the connection to the bank website or to Intuit Server that can result in error too.

, in case the browser’s cache file and cookies are not cleared even that can be one of the cause for the error to occur.

Some effective solutions to eradicate the QuickBooks Online Error 9999

So above we have discussed all the symptoms and causes that result in the error. Now the next step is to know the potential solutions to get rid of the error .Few methods are listed below to eradicate the QuickBooks error 9999 .

 Follow steps given below properly to fix the issue:

Method 1:

Click the”Report Issue” inside the error message at first

 After that moves to the “Banking Transaction” screen and then type your email address and name in the preferred box

After that press on the “Submit” button.

You will receive the reply from the technical staff within 10 working days.

In case the above stated method does not work-out to resolve the QuickBooks error 9999 then proceed to the next solution mentioned below.

Method 2:

To start the process you need to disconnect your existing QuickBooks Online account at first.

After that click the “Edit” icon to view the highlighted account.

Then, click on “Edit account info”

Afterwards, press “disconnect this account on save”

After all of this select the option “Save” and “Close”

Then switch back to the dashboard and renew the connection.

After that, Navigate to the bank account and once again connect it to the QuickBooks Online account.

Then Access the account after that enter the username and password properly.

Finally the Modified transactions will be displayed in the QuickBooks Online account.

This will resolve the issue, however in case this method also doesn’t work-out to rectify the issues, proceed to the next solution given below.

Method 3:

 To start the step at first open the Internet Explorer web browser on Windows and after that press the ”Favorites” option.

Then, select the “History” option

Afterwards, go to the “Menu” section and after this move to open “History”

Now pick the sites of which you wish to delete or clear the entire search history.

And afterwards click “Delete”

This should resolve the issue, however in case the problem is not resolved, you can move to the next solution.

Method 4:

To begin at First, click on the “Start” button on your Windows.

 After that enter “command” in the search bar to open a command prompt window.

Then hold down the “Ctrl + Shift” key and then press “Enter”

You will see that a request dialog box will pop up on the computer after doing this. So after that click on “Yes”

, afterwards, a black box with a blinking cursor will appear.

Type “Regedit,” in that and press “Enter”

Then select the key connected to “Error 9999″or which you want to create a backup

After that move to the “File” menu, and select “Export “option.

Save the backup key after this, by specifying a name in the File Name

Then Tap on “Save” to save the file. However ensure to Verify that you save the file with the.reg extension

Finally you will end up with a backup of your QuickBooks registry entry.


Hopefully our blog will help you to get rid of the QuickBooks error code 9999.We really expect that you got the perfect guidance or support from us. But, if still you are facing any issue or have any doubt with above mentioned methods to fix the issue, you can directly contact us at QuickBooks help; our team of experts with their proficient knowledge is always available to help you out in resolving issues and will try their best to guide you well. You can also send us an email at Our executives are always available 24*7 to help you out.

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