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Whether small or medium businesses they need to be selective about the amount and kinds of software that they use for their daily operations. Most of the businesses like to use the software that’s capable of handling several functions simultaneously. QuickBooks is accounting software that fits into all boxes perfectly. The software is trusted by many as it can be used to handle sales and expenses aside from other affiliated purposes. Though it offers various advanced functionalities and capabilities, still users run into issues when specific components malfunction.

QuickBooks Error Code 12002 encounters due to internet failure on the system. The accountants face this error while accounting management or when users perform the QuickBooks update. In this article we will discuss all the possible causes, symptoms and solutions to fix the error. In case you need any other information regarding the error, you can get in touch with our experts on QuickBooks Help and they will surely assist you in the best possible way.

The Causes for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error Code 12002:

  • The software faces Service Error owing to Network Timeout
  • This error can occur often when Internet Explorer is not set as the default Internet browser
  • There are some SSL errors because of its inappropriate configurations.
  • the connection is interrupted by the Security software including firewall settings.
  • Poor Internet access is also the cause behind the error.
  • Browser isn’t properly set up
  • The antivirus clashes with the Security update.

Points to be taken into account before fixing the QuickBooks Error Code 12002:

Pay attention to the following pointers before working to resolve this error:

  • remember to take full backup of the Company file
  • Upgrade the QuickBooks Software

Steps to create backup:

  1. Open the QuickBooks software first.
  2. Then move to files.
  3. And tap on the company back up
  4. Then choose local backup.

Instructions to update QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Upgrade Instructions:

  • The QuickBooks Application should be terminated.
  • Then Click and hold the Ctrl button until the QuickBooks software begins to run on your system.
  • After that Find the Help section to tap on Update QuickBooks
  • Then choose and tap on update.
  • Press Get updates button
  • Once Upgrade has been successfully done, press the Close button.

Ways to resolve the QuickBooks error 12002:

Check the Internet Explorer settings:

Settings of the Internet Explorer may be a reason for the occurrence of this error. Follow the steps given below to check the settings of the Internet Explorer:

  1. At first sign-out of the QuickBooks software.
  2. Then open the internet explorer.
  3. After that use Alt key to find the tools and then in tools click on internet options.
  4. Then find the security tab to choose the Globe icon.
  5. After that make sure that the security level is Medium -high.
  6. Tap on Never dial a connection to explore the Connection section.
  7. Then click on OK button.
  8. Review LAN settings to make sure that the automatically detect setting is enabled.
  9. Then confirm use a proxy server is disabled.
  10. When Use a proxy server is enabled after that write on port and address.
  11. When a port number is 80 then to conduct the testing erase the selection on the checkboxes.
  12. Then click OK.
  13. Discover Restore Advanced Setting under the Advanced Settings tab and explore Use TLS 1.2 and enable it.
  14. Then click ok.
  15. Close the browser after this, and then restart your system.

Make the Internet Explorer as a Default Browser:

  • Check that the system has the default browsers.
  • Then press the Windows+ R keys to show run window.
  • After that Enter INETCPL.CPL and click OK.
  • Then the Programs window will be displayed.
  • After that find the program tab and pick that and make Internet explorer the default browser.
  • then choose the browser you wish to make your default browser.

Check the system for the internet connection.

  • Find Support and click on the Internet Connection setup.
  • Then explore that your PC has an internet connection which works.
  • After that tap the Next button and then click done.
  • and check whether or not the QuickBooks Error 12002 has been fixed.


Were you able to resolve the QuickBooks error 12002? We really expect that you got the perfect guidance or support from us. But, if still you are facing any issue you can directly contact us at our QuickBooks help, our team of experts with their proficient knowledge are always available to help you out in resolving issues and will try their best to guide you well. You can also send us an email at Our executives are always available 24*7 to help you out.

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