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If you have installed the QuickBooks Desktop on your device you can conveniently enable the QuickBooks Payroll programme. You can choose from various packages, including Standard, Enhanced or Supported Payroll.

Signing up to the QuickBooks Payroll improves the payroll transfers. You’ll need to add your employees to the QuickBooks Payroll to use this feature. There are times where the QuickBooks Payroll lacks one or two employees even though you have hired them. So in this article we will discuss the reason for this error and also the ways to fix the error.

In case you need any additional support or would like more information, please contact our trained experts to get an immediate technical help.

Why the Employee Information is not available in the QuickBooks Payroll?


  • the Employee on the payroll is absent
  • Workers are not on proper payroll
  • Workers either quit the company or were removed from the facilities.
  • the Employee is not included in Middle of Workers

If the employee is listed as Disabled, take concrete initiative below to correct the error:

  • At first Pick “Employees” and then choose “Employee Center.”
  • Make sure to choose the employee tab that is present on the left.
  • then go to the drop-down near the list of employees and from there Pick All Employees
  • Search the absent employee’s name, and delete the “X” symbol on the left.  The “X” symbol on the left may indicate the person is absent for multiple reasons. The employee will be included in your payroll system and will be noticeable once you delete the “X” symbol.

Employees that are absent from a scheduled payroll and/or an unscheduled payroll. There are two cases that an employee could be absent as the payroll runs.

Cause 1

Employee absent in the scheduled payroll but visible in the unscheduled payroll.

This is when the employee is not tagged according to the required payroll timetable. To fix this follow the measure listed below:

  • At first Select “Employees” in that choose”Employees Center.”
  • Then Pick the name of the employee, and then double-click it will open a window on the computer to modify the employee records.
  • Then Click on the Payroll Details page.
  • Pick the right payroll schedule from the drop-down option in the Payroll Plan.
  • Also save modifications and press OK.
  • Check if the scheduled payroll indicates the employee on the list.

Cause 2

  • Both Scheduled Payroll and Unscheduled Payroll do not reveal the employee name.

Ways to solve the error that the Employee Detail is not available In the QuickBooks Payroll.

That’s because the employee left the company or was suspended from the services. To actually fix this, follow the instructions set out below.

  • At first Choose “Employees” and afterwards choose the “Employees Center.”
  • Then Select the name of the employee, and then double-click it. This will open a window on the computer to modify the employee information.
  • After that Click on the Employment Information tab.
  • then Delete the Release Date field whenever there is a pop up. Then run the payroll to check if the employee is showing up.

It is also very necessary to resolve these problems, because it is very necessary to pay your employee on time… It can cause needless delays in making wages and compensation while an employee is absent from the payroll, and it is never fair to the workers even though the paycheck is missed by only a few hours, leave alone days.

Resolve the errors as soon as possible to keep your staff comfortable and pleased. This will mean that the success levels of the company too stay high. After all, who could have thought a basic accounting method could increase the productivity and morale of the employees?


Hope Our article will help to fix the Employee not showing In the QuickBooks Payroll. If you’ve any concerns about the payroll, please email us at QuickBooks Payroll Support and you can also write to a mail discussing the above-mentioned inquiries or problems you have encountered or are grappling with. Consult with our executives who have the presence world wide. They pose your question to the highest degree and then analyze it, after learning the knowledge that they send you the right answer to your inquiry. You can trust them, since our professionals in their respective fields are highly trained. You can also visit the web site

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