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We will discuss today how to pay or file state and federal payroll taxes online with the help of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support. Users can file pay their taxes electronically with the help of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support.

Step 1: You may complete your tax setup in QuickBooks Payroll.

If you are looking to complete your tax set up then you need to pay or file payroll taxes, then they have to make sure that complete your tax setup. This process will take a few minutes to complete, and then we’ll notify you once you are active.

Step 2: You may confirm what and when you need to file in QuickBooks Payroll.

When customer has signed up for e-services, then it is required to confirm what taxes they need to file and pay for. They can also receive a few reminders that they need to check see in their inbox, related to tax.

Step 3: You can pay your taxes in QuickBooks Payroll.

If users are paying their taxes online, then they need to note the processing times while dealing with Federal and State taxes.

  • For federal tax – The IRS can withdraw the funds from your bank account on the payment date directly.
  • For state tax – The processing times vary from state to state. For most states, users must need to check the time, or it can be two banking days before the payment date. Others can require approval three or five banking days before the payment date.


  • If you see a payment in red on the Pay Taxes page, it’s overdue. You can make late payments to the IRS, but some states will block you. You may need to contact the state to make the payment.
  • You’ll see upcoming tax payments in the Due Later section. Once the liability period is over, they’ll move to the Taxes Due Now section.
  • You can pay taxes due later, but before you do, be sure you don’t have any changes to any payrolls in that liability period.

Step 4: You can file forms in QuickBooks Payroll

Tax forms are typically due each calendar quarter or at the end of the year. In QuickBooks and Intuit Online Payroll, you can see when your forms are due, and we’ll send you reminders.

Conclusion :

So, we hope that the above stated steps will be helpful to know how to pay and file payroll taxes and forms in Online Payroll. If you are not able to pay and file the taxes or really need some other help, please contact our QuickBooks payroll experts instantly by dialling the QuickBooks Payroll Support Number. So please contact our number today to get immediate help! You can write on our mail id that is, as well. Visit – for more information about the QuickBooks.

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