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We will update you to manage a check which is returned by your vendor due to non-sufficient funds. We will keep track of the transaction which is either bounced or not managed by creating a journal entry and a check for bill payment.

Method 1: Enter a reversing journal entry

  • In the Company menu, click on Make General Journal Entries.
  • Make sure you have entered exactly what it is Date and Entry No
  • Debit the checking account for the amount of the non-sufficient funds check.
  • Credit the Account Payable account for the amount of the NSF check.
  • Type the name of the vendor.
  • Type memos and classes.
  • Click on Save & Close.

Contact QuickBooks Payroll Support to resolve the issue immediately

Method 2: Un-link the bill from the payment check and connect it to the journal entry

  • Open the original bill payment check.
  • Unmark the bills which were originally paid by the bill payment check.
  • Verify the Journal Entry created in earlier step
  • Type a Memo to indicate the check was returned for NSF.
  • Click on Save & Close.

If you are not able to uncheck the payment, contact QuickBooks payroll support

Method 3: Type a bill for the overdraft charges

  • If at all the vendor is charging you for the overdraft fee.
  • In the Vendors menu, click on Enter Bills.
  • Type the Vendor name.
  • In either the Expenses Tab or the Item Tab, enter the overdraft charges with the accurate account or item.
  • Type a Memo to determine that these are charges for an NSF bill payment check.
  • Click on Save & Close.

Step 4: Create a new bill payment check

  • Till the time when you un-link the original bill payment check from the bills, they were marked unpaid and display as re-appear in the Pay Bills window.
  • In the Vendors menu, click on Pay Bills.
  • Choose the bill(s) which is originally paid by the NSF bill payment check and the bill for overdraft charge
  • Complete all other required details.
  • Click on Pay Selected Bills.

Hope, you got the desired result, if still you are facing any hurdle feel free to contact us at QuickBooks Payroll Support and you can drop us a mail at Stay in touch with our executives available 24*7 to help you for making your accounting bug free. You can also go through our website at

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