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When sending payroll services, you can experience this “QuickBooks Has Encountered a Problem Sending your Usage Data” error. Usually, this error happens when the date/time mechanism is inaccurate. In this article, we will address the causes and measures for fixing it.

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Various reasons that tends to cause  this error

  • Wrong Date/Time on Your System
  • You made a copy of an accountant’s

Easy steps to address a problem with QuickBooks Submitting your Usage Data

Phase 1: Date/Time Verification

For all the Windows versions, this move will work.

  • In the lower right-hand corner, click on the date and time and make sure the date and time are accurate. If it is not,
  • Click the keys together (Windows+R) and the Run box will pop out.
  • In a run box, sort Control or Control Panel
  • Click the Clock button and the area
  • Pick Time and Date
  • Click Date and Time Shift…
  • Adjust your time and date depending on your time zone, and then click OK
  • Now click on Change time zone… to make sure that your time zone is right, any of these error codes could be triggered.

Stage 2: Ensure there is no Accountant’s Copy

If you have an accountant’s copy of your QuickBooks, make sure all the limitations are removed.In order to abolish the restrictions:

  • Go to the menu File
  • Pick Submit Company File in that click on Copy of Accountant
  • Choose Remove Restrictions
  • Follow the instructions on-screen now
  • Now, close the QuickBooks Desktop and reopen it. Please take the steps below if the same issue still persists.

Phase 3: Delete any ready-to-send online transactions

  • Go to the Edit menu and pick
  • Select Find…(Ctrl+F)
  • Tap on the tab Advanced
  • Select Information Level in the Filter box and select Overview only
  • Select Online Status and pick Online to submit from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Posting Status, Choose Either
  • Then, in the upper right corner, click on Find
  • You can see the results presently:
  • Full their processing if you discover any banking transactions.
  • You’ll need to erase them if you find a paycheck. Make sure you print them, so you can replicate them with the same details.


You will no longer face an issue with QuickBooks submitting your usage data after taking all of the above steps, but if the same problem still persists, you can talk to our independent experts. You can also contact us by sending us an email for assistance ( to dial our Quickbooks phone number for aid. You can browse our site at any time for more information on Quickbooks at

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