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The QuickBooks accounting software for business management is designed with a blend of outstanding and specialized features and resources that make it the most popular and useful accounting software. It is packed with many amazing features that assist its consumers with calm business management. The QuickBooks is built on a user-friendly interface with many improved features and improvised tools. It can be developed with numerous third-party applications that will make running on this program easy and secure.

The IRS form W-2 is a declaration containing the salary/wage details paid to an employee by his employer. This provides specifics about the taxes withheld from his paychecks. In preparing tax returns, the data in the W-2 form is essential for workers. While going through the processes of how to print w2 in the QuickBooks, you should know the printing specifications.

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Now let’s understand the printing specifications needed for QuickBooks Desktop W-2 types.

The QuickBooks Desktop Specifications for Printing

The QuickBooks Desktop printing specifications are:

  1. You need to use black ink to print the W2 form on your QuickBooks Desktop and print it on paper. Verify that it is compliant with the QuickBooks version of Payroll.
  2. Make sure you’re using the supported version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Be sure you have an active Payroll Standard or Upgraded Support for QuickBooks.
  4. You need to provide W-2 records that operate for your printer and payroll service.
  5. Using blank/perforated paper or preprinted laser printer types.
  6. For an inkjet printer, use the preprinted forms then.
  7. You must have the new tax table for payrolls.

 W-2 type printing in the QuickBooks Desktop

If you have finished with the Desktop printing specifications, let’s review the steps for printing W-2 forms:

Step 1: in the QuickBooks Desktop, open W-2 and W-3 Forms

  1. Tap on staff initially, and then payroll tax forms and W-2s. With this, press the payroll forms for the process.
  2. Then, select the annual transmittal Form W-2/W-3 -income and tax declaration. Click on the button to build a shape.
  3. As well if you wish to file the forms of all the workers, you need to pick all the employees. For that, click on the last name of the employee.
  4. Attach the year of the form you are printing and press the OK button. The QuickBooks Desktop can only store one edition of the tax form. If you already have a variant of the form for 2017, form you prefer to use a newer version of the form, so you have to print W-2 forms for 2016.
  5. To print the form, you have to select the workers. You have to click on review/edit if you have not reviewed any of the W-2 forms. To continue the printing process, you must click on the submission form. Choose the workers to print the form, as well. If your W-2 forms have not been reviewed, click on Review/Edit.
  6. You ultimately have to click on the print/e-file tab.

Step 2: In the Print W-2 and W-3 Forms window, select the type of paper as well as the object to print.

  1. Pick between blank/ perforated paper and preprinted forms at the start.
  2. Then under the Item to print line, you have to pick who you are printing for.

For the employees

  • Blank / perforated paper while you are using it.
  • 3 per page: B, 2, C copies.
  • 4 per page: B, 2, 2, C. copies.

Instructions for employee filing: Obligatory if not printed on file.

When you use pre-printed forms

  • W-2 Copy B: for the federal tax return of the employee, 2 per tab.
  • Copy 2 of W-2: two per tab for your State or Local Tax Agency.
  • W-2 Copy C: for records of staff, 2 per tab.

Instructions on employee filing: Necessary if not already written on paper.

For the Employer

  • W-2 Copy D: 2 per document for your information.
  • Employer filing instructions: for the form for W-2 and W-3

For the Government 

  • Per tab, W-3.
  • W-2-Copy A: 2 per tab for the SSA.
  • W-2-Copy 1: two per tab for your State or Local Tax Agency.

 Step 3: Export the form and start printing it on your PDF Reader.

  1. You have to do a printing test if you are using pre-printed forms.
  2. Then you need to print your PDF by clicking on it.
  3. Finally start from inside the PDF Reader with the printing process.

You have learned, we think, how to print w2 from QuickBooks Desktop. It is necessary for you to follow all the specifications for printing a check on QuickBooks Online before going forward.


In the above mentioned blog we have provided you with the step-by-step process for printing w-2 in the QuickBooks. Besides in QuickBooks Online and Desktop, you’ll also get an understanding of printing specifications. The blog also reflects on the moves the Adobe Reader takes to email W-2 forms.

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