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In this article you will learn how to download payment and mobile payment transaction in QuickBooks. To know more you can call QuickBooks Point of Sale Support.

What is QuickBooks GoPayments?

You can receive payments from your customers with the help of QuickBooks Payment when you’re not near your computer. For this you only need your smartphone and the QuickBooks Mobile Payments app. To know how to get those payments into QuickBooks Online just follow the detailed instructions in this article.

We assume that your QuickBooks Online Company is connected to a compatible QuickBooks Payments account and you have processed at least one credit card transaction using the QuickBooks Mobile Payments app or GoPayment app in order to make the instructions to make sense.

Follow the given instructions: 

• Click on the Gear icon at the top and select Import GoPayment.

• A list of mobile payments transactions which are available will appear.To highlight the payment you want to record, select the payment.

• Select any one option from the two given options Receive Payment or Sales Receipt transaction, how you want to record the transaction.

Please Note: Receive Payment transactions will be saved for the customers as unapplied payments. To mark that invoice as paid, you will have to apply the payment to the corresponding invoice.

• Choose the customer for whom you want to record the payment. You can enter other details as well, for example- a memo.

Please Note: From the QuickBooks Mobile Payments transaction you are downloadingthe memo field populates a comment. Use the “Add Memo” button on the Review Order screenin the QuickBooks Mobile Payments app to take full advantage of this feature.

Click on Save & Continue or Save & Done when everything seems right to you. A dialog is displayed indicating that the payments are being saved as QuickBooks Online transaction once you have completed categorization of all payments, and it’s done!

Detailed steps to download mobile payment transactions in QuickBooks:

1. Go to the Get Online Payments window in QuickBooks from the Customers drop-down menu, you can also select Merchant Service Deposits present on the home screen.

2. Click on Mobile Transactions and select OK.

3. Merchant Service Deposits screen will appear on the screen. All the Mobile transactions will be present in Add Online Payments.

Please Note: Under the Source column, the mobile transactions will be labeled so. The customer name can always be edited by typing in the box under the Customer column if it is showing incorrect.

Once a transaction is recorded, it will show under the green Recorded tab.

In case you are facing issues to download payments in QuickBooks, reach us by calling QuickBooks Point of Sale Support for instant QuickBooks Help. You can also contact us via email, by writing on Our customer support executives will provide you with instant help without causing hindrances in your daily business activities. To know more about us you can also visit our website www.

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