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Today we will discuss in this blog how to correct a customer’s account balance in QuickBooks Point of Sale with the help of QuickBooks Point of Sale Support team. If there might be a customer with an incorrect balance on their account then in this scenario, you are not able to delete or remove transaction; you can only adjust it with a credit or need to refund.

Step 1: You can find the sales receipt in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

In order to find the sales receipt, you need to check customer’s purchase history to find the incorrect sales receipt and to verify the transaction with the help of following steps:

  1. First, click & search Customer, then select Customer List.
  2. Next search the customer, then you need to select Show Details to check the customers purchase history.
  3. Then see their balance, and then return to the Customer List.
  4. Click right on any column header, and then select Customize Columns.
  5. After that, click & select account balance from the list to add it to your customer list.

Step 2: You can correct the overpayment in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

If you are correcting the overpayment in QuickBooks point of sale, then there are basically two ways to correct the overpayment.

  1. Issue credit card
  2. Issue a Refund

How to issue store credit:

In case, users go for issue store credit, then account balance of the customer will remain negative until they will not apply it to their future purchases. You will be only able to see customers account balance when they will look them up in their customer list.

How to issue a refund:

  1. First, navigate to make a Sale by clicking on home screen.
  2. Next type the customer’s name in your QuickBooks.
  3. Click & select Account.
  4. Click & select Charge to Account, then type the amount of the overpayment.
  5. It is required to choose the payment method you want to use to refund.
  6. After that, click & select Save only or Save and Print.

We believed that the above given article will be helpful to know how to correct a customer’s account balance in QuickBooks Point of Sale. You ought to implement the methods and measures in a specific sequence. Otherwise communicate with our QuickBooks point of sale support team if the matter remains unresolved. Our accredited experts provide technical assistance 24/7 via phone, chat and email. If you would like to talk more please feel free to e-mail us. If you have any more problems, you can also call our QuickBooks point of sale support number. So at, you can write to us. For more information please

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