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In case you are using the QuickBooks Point of Sale and any noise is made by the cash drawer and cannot be opened, then try opening it manually. If the QuickBooks POS Cash Drawer does not open, the interior of the change drawer might delay the process. Upside down, turn the cash drawer and try to disinfect it.

You encounter one of the accompanying receipt printer problems when printing the report:

The QuickBooks POS Cash Register is Not Opening and not being able to print the receipt printer.

  • The blank receipts are printed on a thermal printer.
  • The receipt is sliced most of the time after the completion of printing by receipt printers.
  • The font is too small or portable when displaying or printing the receipt or article.

We have listed several ways of repairing the error here to get the receipt printer back on track, go through and figure out which problem better fits what you are encountering and follow the instructions given.

Not opening the QuickBooks POS Cash Drawer and your receipt printer is unable to print

This problem can be induced by the mentioned sequence:

  • There is no power on the printer or it is unplugged.
  • Printer status is paused.
  • The print spooling mechanism is impaired.
  • The printer’s wrong driver is installed.
  • Your printer is mounted in more than one case.

For each numbered form, test your printer and drawer to check the problem is fixed:

 If you want your printer to be checked from inside the POS:

  • In the File menu, pick Priorities, and after that open the Workstation.
  • Click the Documents & Printers button and afterwards the Print Test Tab.

If you want your cash drawer to be checked from inside the POS:

  • Pick File menu and then go to Preferences in that click on Open the Workstation.
  • Click the Cash Register, make sure your printer and register links are correctly connected, and afterwards click the Open Cash Drawer button.

 Resolution 1: Purge up the printer’s memory

  • At first switch the printer off.
  • Click and hold the feed button and turn on the printer afterwards.
  • It’s self-testing until the printer starts, and afterwards leaves the feed press.
  • When the exam is over, then try again to print from the QuickBooks POS.

Resolution 2: Ensure that there is power for the printer

  • Make sure that the power cord is correctly attached to the printer and when turning it on, there is a power light.
  • Do not attempt to link the receipt printer to the USB hub, as it would not have adequate power for the printer to operate properly.

 Resolution 3: ensure that the printer does not pause / resume

  • Press the dialogue box for the Windows Logo and choose Control Panel.
  • Click the Computers and Printers tab, and then double-click the Receipt Printer tab.
  • Click the X documents / file in the queue, then click the Printer in that select Cancel All Documents tab. Click on the Yes tab, after that.
  • If Pause Printing is selected, click on the Printer menu again, and after that click on Pause Printing.
  • Leave this screen and checked the functionality of your cash box. Then move to the additional stage as it fails.

Resolution 4: Bypass the Print Spooling Mechanism

  • In the Computers and Printers menu, right-click the Receipt Printer, then choose Printer Assets.
  • Click the Advanced button and continue to print directly from the printer after that.
  • Tap on the OK button and verify that your cash drawer functionality is working correctly. Then continue to the next stage when it fails.

Resolution 5: Uninstall and install the printer again

  • From the Computers and Printers menu, right-click the Computer Receipt Printer, and then click Delete. Now, to confirm the procedure, click on the Yes button.
  • For additional copies of the printer that may be mounted, repeat this procedure.
  • Reinstall your receipt printer then. After this your cash register will work correctly.

Seeking Inference

You can overcome the problem successfully by taking the given steps. In case you are still facing the problem and you’re QuickBooks POS Cash Drawer Not Opening, then reach our QuickBooks POS Support team by calling them as it is operative 24 * 7. At you can also e-mail us. It’s also possible to take a peek at @

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