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For small and medium-sized businesses, the QuickBooks are very popular and are used by many people around the world, and the answer for this is that the programme is user-friendly and offers you multiple options and the accounting aspect is stronger. The error occurs, however, to disrupt the software’s normal service.

For all forms of companies, the QuickBooks POS provides cloud as well as desktop point of sale solutions. This software helps to establish relationships with clients, handles inventory and automates the whole banking process. It simply helps you to insert the revenue details into the accounting programme of the user. It has several attributes, such as barcode inspection, receipt notices, refunds, processing of credit cards, pricing check, coupons, exchanges, gift cards, customer records, layaways and quotes. We would claim, in short, that the financial and accounting needs are handled by the QuickBooks Point of Sale. It is a complicated programme, but it simplifies your work, and there are some occasions when you will have some programme requests or may come across an error such as QuickBooks POS Error 193.In this article we will learn the ways to resolve the error.

What is POS Error 193 in the QuickBooks?

This error is found by the customer as they try to deliver a mailbag from the headquarters to the remote store or attempt to retrieve a mailbag from a remote error. The following error message can be sent to them:

Error 193: There is no special primary key for the Keywords dept.

The cause for this mistake is due to the duplicate name or code of the department, the name of the client being combined or removed from the system, and the corrupted .qbt archives. So we can assume that this mistake is due to the running of the QuickBooks POS multi-store exchange.

How to Fix the POS Error Code 193 in the QuickBooks?

There are several ways this fault can be overcome. Here are two ways this QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 193 can be corrected.

Solution I: All POS to be updated to the new release

  • Firstly Go to the (POS) Point of Sale.
  • Then Tap on the Help button.
  • After that Go to Updates for Software.
  • Thereafter Search the updates.
  • Recall the shop exchange.

 Solution II: Remove the error-consisting list

Process for the Remote Shop:

  • Give a mailbag to Headquarters at first, and afterwards collect it.
  • then Select your client
  • After that go for a client list.
  • Pick one client at a time then.
  • After that press the button to uninstall before the list is deleted.
  • Headquarters:
  • Pick the file option.
  • Then Go to utilities and resend the files afterward.
  • Press the Resend tab.
  • You can get the resend mailbag at your system’s remote store then.


There are several ways by which QuickBooks POS Error 193 can be overcome. In this post, you are going to find two methods. But even after trying these two methods, you are not happy with the outcome or have to ask some questions about the QuickBooks POS, so you can contact the QuickBooks POS support. Our QuickBooks experts have experience and therefore are available round the clock to assist users who are having trouble while working on the software. You can also approach us at by writing to us. Please visit for more information about the QuickBooks. Stay in touch with our top 24 * 7 executives in order to direct you.

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