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The QuickBooks is one of the most common apps that make you more effective. According to the company fundamentals, POS (Point of Sale) is versatile. QuickBooks POS normally utilizes gift card services that are needed specifically for you to buy the gift cards from intuit. This latest feature may be a little pricey, awkward and has some limitations. Using a simple method of handling them as gift cards, this step is completed. Here you get full descriptions of this process and how to do it.

How to trigger the Gift Card feature?

To sell a gift certificate, it is important to activate the QuickBooks POS to get confirmation of the proper functioning of the gift certificate. To activate the Gift certificate feature, you need to follow these steps:

  • At First, go to the menu and scroll down to the FILE button.
  • Then choose PROPERTIES and choose Business.
  • Afterwards, press the left-hand column and pick [RECEIPT TENDERING] from the drop-down sales options.
  • Ensure payment options (GIFT CERTIFICATE) and (and gift card programmes if available) and press “Checkbox” to continue.
  • Tap on SAVE after gaining confirmation.

How to get a gift card to sell?

You need to perform these steps to sell a gift certificate:

  • Pick “Making A Deal” from your open browser.
  • Several tabs for all the various strategies appear at the bottom of the open browser. Then pick “GIFT” and move on by clicking on “GIFT CERTIFICATE”
  • Then press on the box that is eligible for the “Sell / Purchase Certificate”
  • Agree with the directions on-screen and enter “Number” and “Number of the Gift Certificate”
  • Click on SAVE, then
  • Tap on “Add a Client” and pick the payment option for buying this gift certificate according to your preference.
  • Choose the “Payment Form” according to your options to process the payment.
  • After accepting the payment, mark your click on SAVE & PRINT
  • Mark your click on SAVE & PRINT after accepting the payment,
  • Pick the ‘Print a Gift Receipt’ checkbox that appears on the open page.
  • To make sure you pick precise preferences so that it is easier to more reliably redeem a gift certificate. To access the gift certificates they have sold, they open a running report:
  • Go to the “Reports” menu and pick the choices for “Payment” and go on to “Gift Certificate List”
  • If you are ever unable to redeem gift cards, a blank page would be found.
  • After that with the “I want to …” option and then click on the “Set report access levels” tab.
  • Finally, pick the checkbox for “Low Security” and go ahead with the on-screen instructions and press SAVE.

After all the above processing, you are setup to process the registration of gift certificates by implementing the specific procedure:

  • Go to your home screen and click “Making a deal”
  • Go for “pick object” choices, making it easy for the consumer to purchase from the list of preferences
  • After this go on with the option of “Pick Customer”
  • Thereafter, full payments from the different payment mode options
  • Now pick “Gift” and then click on “Gift Certificate” to complete the whole process.


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