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When you breach the threshold, QuickBooks Point of Sale error 140305 prompts you to enroll the approved number of users to your QuickBooks Desktop. This problem applies to clients you’ve added to QuickBooks recently. This problem can also occur during a QuickBooks Desktop POS financial exchange. “You have surpassed the maximum number of QuickBooks clients allowed,” says the error message for QuickBooks error code 140305.

In this post, we’ll go through why there’s a 140305 problem and how to fix it with manual steps. If you need assistance with QuickBooks, please contact our QuickBooks support staff.

 Possible Causes of error 140305 in QuickBooks

All of the causes of QuickBooks error 140305 will be revealed here. They are as follows:

  • In the QuickBooks client list entries, the maximum number of approved users was achieved.
  • A corrupted/damaged Windows client list or company file in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Financial transactions in QuickBooks are being corrupted.

 Corrective Actions of the error 1403055 in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Intuit offers three options to fix issue 140305 in QuickBooks POS. Follow the solutions in order to avoid making mistakes.

Solution 1: Turn off QuickBooks Desktop POS for non-transactional customers.

  • Check to see if your list has been maximised. If your client list isn’t optimised, just remove them from QuickBooks Desktop POS without destroying their transactions.
  • By clicking on the Customers List, you’ll be sent to the Customers menu.
  • Simply run the following report to see whether clients have no account balances:
  • By scrolling up and down the drop-down menu in the Customer List box, select I want to??
  • Then select General Customer List and Run a Report.
  • To visit the Menu, move your pointer to the top of the menu, press Change, and then look for Add or Delete Columns.
  • Simply tick the Account Balance checkbox as well as click the Save button to find the Account Balance checkbox that was previously left blank.
  • Simply tap the Print button to save and save a copy of the list.
  • Close the window until all of the tasks have been done successfully.
  • Hold the Ctrl key down until you’ve identified the clients you can eliminate based on their reports.
  • To confirm the update, go to the Help menu and press Delete, then write “YES.”
  • Select OK and try to perform a money exchange once more.

 Solution 2: In QuickBooks for Windows, delete customers who haven’t made any transactions.

If you’ve hit your limit of allowed Windows clients, you’ll need to uninstall any clients that don’t have any transactions using this method. This method allows you to make room for new clients by running it.

 Customers can be eliminated by taking the following steps:

  • Press and hold Ctrl + 1 or F2 on your keyboard to bring up the Product Details window.
  • Provide confirmation that your customer count exceeds 14,500 in the List Information window within the Product Information window.
  • To delete a client, go to the Customers menu and select Customer Center. Right-click the client you want to delete and select Delete Customer: Task. Make sure the client’s sub-items have already been transferred. Any client with its sub-items cannot be uninstalled.
  • For other clients, follow steps 4 and 5 and then try to conduct a financial transaction again.

 What should you do if you don’t want your customers to be deleted?

If you don’t want to delete clients, you may simply upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to get more entries. This version allows users to add up to 1 million names and 1 million objects without having to remove existing customers. Visit learn more about QuickBooks Enterprise, go to the Intuit Learn and Help page.

 Solution 3: Reorganize the client list

  • Click on the Customer Center to get to the Customers menu.
  • Then, from the View menu, select Re-sort List.
  • Select OK and try to perform a money exchange once more.

 Final Thoughts :

I hope you’re having success with the above-mentioned options. However, if the issue persists and you keep getting the same error, call our Quickbooks support number for immediate assistance. Our professionals will always be there for you if you require expert support. In addition to receiving assistance, you may visit for other QuickBooks-related information. By sending us an email at ( you can get help at any time and from almost anywhere in the world.

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