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QuickBooks Online allows multi-currency users to work with it. You may, therefore, get multi-currency issues with QuickBooks not all but most customer or supplier transactions are reported in the currency allocated to the customer or supplier. The error message reads, “That something is not right: with home currency A/R and A/P accounts, you could only use home currency balance sheet accounts.” There are several other instances of multi-currency issues that you can encounter in the QuickBooks application. We will cover some popular multi-currency issues with QuickBooks in this article and fix them with convenient solutions.

Receiving an error message about QuickBooks multi-currency log entry on your phone. Call our QuickBooks error support number to get assistance from trained professionals.

Multi-currency problem of Benefit & Loss Reporting

This multi-currency issue in QuickBooks arises when an overseas customer makes payments in their own currency, and the wire transfer to the US bank account is modified according to the exchange rate. While running the P&L report, the issue arises. The study, without translating it, adds the sum in another currency and other payments in USD together. To fix these multi-currency benefit and loss reporting problems, adopt the approaches provided below:

 When creating foreign-currency transactions, stuff you have to remember

Let’s see several key points for making foreign-currency transactions before exploring the potential reasons and troubleshooting:

  • You do not have to add a currency to sales and purchase transactions so the currency of the buyer or seller you entered on the form is already allocated to them.
  • Exchange rates are an essential component of each transaction and denote the transaction’s home currency value.
  • It will display the home currency, regardless of the currency used in the transactions, whenever you execute the reports.
  • During multi-currency transactions, the sales and purchase transaction amounts are in the currency of the customer or seller, and for the overall transaction, the home currency equivalent is specified.

How to troubleshoot multi-currency problems with QuickBooks while running P&L reports?

  • Just that we have seen some important points to remember when making multi-currency transactions, let’s take a look at some useful methods for bug fixing to solve the issue:

Solution 1: Make sure that customer payments have been properly deposited to your bank

  • To assure that, follow the instructions provided below:
  • Go to Banking, and then hit Deposit Making.
  • You have to determine the right exchange rate then.
  • To end, click on Save and Close.

If the QuickBooks multi-currency issue persists, try the very next debugging process.

Solution 2: Run Data Utility Verify & Restore

  • The gaps in QuickBooks P&L records can also be evoked by impaired QuickBooks business files. You can use the QuickBooks Restore & Data utility to fix the bug.
  • Navigate to the File menu and pick Utilities.
  • To close all windows, choose Verify Data and afterwards press OK.
  • If it gives a “Your data has failed the integrity check” alert, it means that your information is compromised.
  • To fix this, you need to pick Restore Data from File in the Utilities menu.
  • If QuickBooks prompts you to keep a backup of your business file, click OK to prevent the loss of permanent records.
  • Wait for the reconstruction process to complete now, and then click OK.

If a multi-currency issue with QuickBooks persists, skip to the next troubleshooting procedure.

Solution 3: QuickBooks Program Uninstall & Reinstall

The QuickBooks application’s damaged features can also inevitably lead to a multi-currency problem in QuickBooks, so you’ll need to reinstall the QuickBooks application to assure the program’s maximum efficiency.

Conclusion :

When conducting multi-currency transactions, the debugging technique listed in this post will help you fix errors. Give us a call to our QuickBooks Support Phone Number if you feel the need to speak to an expert. Discuss the error scenario and easily fix the multi-currency issue with QuickBooks. You can also contact us by sending us an email for assistance ( For more information on Quickbooks visit at, you can browse our website at any time.

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