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The QuickBooks Fatal Error happens when you try to open QuickBooks Desktop. You will not be able to operate on your accounting application once the mistake occurs. The activities undertaken in QuickBooks are a dead end. As soon as it happens to resume your day-to-day accounting routine with QuickBooks, it is prudent to fix the mistake. For many reasons, when installing QuickBooks POS, QuickBooks Fatal Error can be promoted. In this article, we will learn more about this error in QuickBooks and its solutions for troubleshooting.

If you have trouble using the quickbooks, please feel free to ask our QuickBooks support to get the assistance needed for troubleshooting errors.

What Encourages QuickBooks Fatal Error on Desktop?

A programme installer file and a QuickBooks setup file are important for installing QuickBooks. If either of these does not work properly, a QuickBooks Fatal Error can occur during installation. Below are some other explanations behind the occurrence of this QuickBooks mistake—

  • A potential damage to the file data of the QuickBooks business
  • This same QuickBooks error can occur when the Window installer file gets corrupted.
  • If the QuickBooks POS installation file is corrupted, it is possible that the fatal error will occur in the QuickBooks POS version.
  • One of the potential explanations for the mistake could also be a constricted Internet connection.

How to Fix or Troubleshoot QuickBooks Fatal Error ?

When you are aware of the potential triggers of a technical mistake in the QuickBooks, troubleshooting becomes simpler for you. Now because the probable reason behind the QuickBooks Fatal Error have been verified, we can fix them with the solution provided below—

Solution 1: Open A Modified Position Company File

To verify if the folder containing the QuickBooks company file is destroyed, try to open the company file from a different directory. To have this solution completed—

  • Close and right-click QuickBooks on your desktop.
  • From the menu, choose New, and afterwards Folder
  • Then, name this QBTEST folder
  • Copy the file and pass it to the QBTEST folder you have previously developed.
  • After that, Open the business file from its new location

Consider the next solution if this QuickBooks error still appears.

Solution 2: Patch a Windows Installer File that is Damaged

This same error can also be patched in QuickBooks by restoring the Windows installer file.

  • Press Windows+R on your keyboard and in the Run directory, type services.msc
  • Select OK and then check for the Windows Installer in the services mentioned.
  • Right-click on the provider and click Properties.
  • To select Manual, navigate to the Startup Style menu and press OK
  • Right-click the service, and hit the Start button.
  • Afterwards, download the Windows installer from the list in question and select it from the download list.
  • Then, restart Windows and install the QuickBooks POS that showed the error again.

Solution 3: Run a QuickBooks POS Clean Installation

In the quickbooks, clean install repairs the damaged or corrupted installation of the QuickBooks Desktop. This solution consists mainly of these steps—they are

  • At first you need to perform QuickBooks POS Un-Installation
  • After that renaming the installation files for QuickBooks needs to be done.
  • Thereafter the QuickBooks POS should be Reinstalled.

Check if the QuickBooks Fatal Error still occurs during QuickBooks POS installation after conducting the steps fail-safely.

Solution 4: Suppress the desktop when QuickBooks is opening

If, because of the QuickBooks Fatal Mistake, QuickBooks Desktop does not start or will not open, then you can uninstall your desktop when opening the QuickBooks. It might try to open up your previous company.

  • Press and hold the CTRL key and double-click the programme icon for QuickBooks.
  • Keep down the CTRL key till you see no Company Open.
Conclusion :

It’s not like all users can be a developer, and it is also normal to have technological trouble fixing errors. During the troubleshooting, you can contact the QuickBooks experts any time you want. For a fast solution to QuickBooks Fatal Mistake, dial our QuickBooks support number. You can get help by sending an email to us at ( However, you can visit our website at for more QuickBooks-relevant products.

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