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In this article you will know how to process an eCheck or scan check payment. To know more call QuickBooks support.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only process check transactions in QuickBooks Payments accounts.

How to process an e-Check payment?

When there is no existing invoice for the customer and you do not want to create one in QuickBooks Desktop, then you can use A Sales Receipt.

• Go to Customers in QuickBooks

• Enter Sales Receipts.

• From the Job drop-down choose a Customer or job.

• Now, you need to enter Item, Description, Quantity, Rate, and Amount accordingly.

• Select e-Check as the payment mode.

Please note: An e-check payment can be processed without the check number therefore; the Check No field is optional.

• Select Process e-Check payment at the bottom while saving check box.

• Select Save & Close.

• Enter the required payment information:

1. Amount

2. Account Type

3. Routing Number

4. Account Number

5. Customer’s first and last name

6. Phone number

7. Customer verification

• Select Submit

Scan check payment

To make sure that your scanner is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop run the TWAIN compatibility tool manually and check scanning software before the process of scanning checks complete. Proceed with the following steps if you have already done the above mentioned things:

Please Note: Inside QuickBooks Desktop, you can only scan personal check. You cannot scan business checks into QuickBooks.

• Go to Customers in QuickBooks

• Click on Receive Payments.

• Click Scan Checks in the Receive Payment window.

• With a security warning a box may appear. Click on Yes and continue.

• Look for the checks you want and then click on Next.

• Verify the information on scanned check by clicking on the boxes showing customer name, check number, and check amount and then click on Next.

• Record the payment. You can also skip recording the payment and do it later.

NOTE: Proceed to step 9 if you are choosing to record it later.

• Record check as a Receive Payment and apply to an Invoice or Sales Receipt then click Save & Close to view the next check.

• For each check you scanned, repeat this process.

• Click Send Checks for Processing once the process is done.

• Click on Close and exit the screen.

• If you want to record the deposit now, click on Make deposits. You can also select I’ll do this later if you want to wait until you have been funded.

To know more on how to process and scan an eCheck payment then Call QuickBooks Support. You can also contact us via email on And for further inquiries please visit our website

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