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Potential QuickBooks data problems indicate error messages or suspicious behaviour when operating on desktop Quickbooks or Enterprise QuickBooks. Potential data issues with QuickBooks are typical problems that can be solved by running the Restore Utility and Verify Utility. This is the first solution to your dilemma that works. To solve possible data problems, sequentially check out all the approaches. Let’s get it done:

Steps to address possible issues with data in QuickBooks

By following their order put here, check and execute all of the measures on your PC. Such steps are:

Phase 1: Run the Utility to Restore

  • Click on the Restore Data button in the QuickBooks utility menu.
  • Hit the OK button if you get a request to back up your company file.
  • Note: There might be some chances that QuickBooks will not respond to your computer monitor. After you shift your mouse cursor, you will see that Rebuild is still running. Wait until it is finished.
  • When a message prompts Rebuild to finish and continue with the next solution, press the OK button.

Phase 2: Perform the Verify Utility

  • Access the QuickBooks File menu, select Utilities, and click Restore Data
  • When a message prompts QuickBooks, press the OK button and no problem with your data is found. Your business file will continue to be used
  • If there might be any problems with your data found by Verify Utility,

Rebuild Now or View Errors must be prompted. Only click on the Restore Now button to do it now.

Running Verify errors still populating?

Running the Rebuild feature two or three times is very normal, so long as your error messages adjust without looping, this feature will certainly work. The reconstruction feature works repeatedly to remove the knots from the rope. In some instances, when others have been activated, the data is only able to eradicate certain problems.

If you believe that your file requires an ER drive, just download the QuickBooks File Doctor.

Only reach out to the Intuit official site to download the QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Get QuickBooks File Doctor and start downloading it to your PC. You must take care of these points defined below while downloading:
  • If appropriate, always download the latest version of QuickBooks File Doctor to detect or diagnose the problems. Intuit has the strategy of promptly upgrading all of its software applications. If you have installed something before, uninstall it and then instal the tool again.
  • Only click two keys (Ctrl + A) together when you’re about to browse the file to know that the problem needs to be activated.

Errors unrecoverable:

  • 503 (QBO error)
  • -14113, from 0
  • -6150, 1006,
  • C=44,
  • “The disc image of a database is malformed”
  • “Warning, no table like that:schemaHistory”

If you have found these unrecoverable errors mentioned above, you need to restore an older file or build a new file from its backup.

How to Restore a Business Backup File

QuickBooks includes the backup company file (.qbb) to create a new or fresh company file during restoration (.qbw). Before beginning backup, the point you really have to know is if your backup company file is present on your external computer (USB or hosting device such as a box), you must first transfer it to the local drive at that moment, then continue implementing the measures below:

  • Open QuickBooks, and then access their File menu.
  • Open or Restore Company by clicking
  • Choose the option for Local Backup, then press Next
  • To find the backup company file on your PC, search. Your company backup file will be shown in this format [your company name].qbb.
  • Choose a folder to save the restored company file, then press the Open button. To avoid overwriting the details, we recommended picking a different folder.

Note: Do not restore the backup to the same folder where your new company file is presented, you can overwrite your data if you have done so. Only rename either your current company file or the backup to make it exclusive to prevent overwriting. Save the backup, on the other hand, in different folders.

  • Click on the button for Save. If you receive any message which is likely to tell only select the right backup option to overwrite the data that best suits your requirements. If you need it, don’t overwrite it.
  • Now that your new business file has been created, start working on it.

 Conclusion :

We hope that all your questions relating to possible data problems have now been sorted out. If something is left to know from us or you face technical glitches while performing the measures, don’t panic, just drop a call for full QuickBooks resolution on our Quickbooks Support Number. In addition to getting assistance, you can check our website for more QuickBooks-related items by sending us an email ( at any time and from any place across the globe. In addition, you can search for more QuickBooks related details on our website at

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