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The QuickBooks is a tool for correcting bookkeeping. For small and medium sized firms, it has fully changed accounting standards. This is because QuickBooks incorporates information that is central to the functioning of an organisation, such as business milestones, supervises and cares about tabs and payroll ability. The search box allows users to identify a certain object or file. In the QuickBooks, when you are unable to use the ‘Scan’ option, it is very frustrating. Perhaps more annoying is that the QuickBooks programme continues hanging when this error happens.

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Some of the symptoms of QuickBooks Search don’t work.

  • Occurs when the Firewall configurations is being tracked.
  • Attempt to index.
  • Launch the QuickBooks programme again.
  • When you download the QuickBooks.

The reasons why the QuickBooks Search does not work? 

  • A Windows Operating System registry issue can result in an error.
  • The search box is targeted by a certain virus or malware.
  • Security Firewall Hindrance can even lead to error.
  • An old edition of the QuickBooks app.
  • Compromised file with index.

Some of the measures to resolve the QuickBooks Search Do Not Work.

Approach 1: Changing the Search Index File name.

  • Exit the QuickBooks and go to the windows Start button.
  • In the search bar, enter *.Search Index and then continue.
  • The screen shows directories containing company files for the QuickBooks and you can transfer the QBW.Search Index Folder from here.
  • Type the .old extension at the end of the name of the folder and press ‘Save’.
  • Reboot the QuickBooks programme and press the search bar from the top-left corner.
  • Pick the alternative ‘Edit Search Information’.
  • Press Ok, “Update in progress, please wait,” as the screen shows this.

Approach 2. Upload the programme to the QuickBooks again.

  • The QuickBooks programme must be uninstalled on your computer.
  • Open Control Panel for Windows.
  • Go to the software and characteristics.
  • Pick the QuickBooks options to be viewed.
  • Pick ‘Application Uninstall’ option.
  • Download a clean copy of the QuickBooks kit on their official site.
  • To add the QuickBooks programme to your computer, double-click the package.

Approach 3. Clean-up Browse Cache.

  • Go to the Chrome Browser; press the three-dot button on the top-right corner.
  • From the drop-down column, pick ‘More Tools’.
  • After that from the ‘More Options’ option, the’ Simple Browsing Data’ option shows the collection, and then selects it.
  • Then modify the time range as needed.
  • Then you are able to uninstall your cache/data history, simple and advanced.
  • When you’re about to clear the simple cache, go to the ‘Clear Data’ option. Entire the check-mark boxes.
  • Tap on the ‘Advanced tab to clear all cache and data and check-mark all boxes.
  • Pick the alternative ‘Clear Details’ and after a few minutes it will be done.
  • You have deleted all the data and cache.

Method 4:   Fixing Deleted Data from the Windows Registry

  • You should have a thorough understanding and experience of both the Windows Registry File Structure and the operating system to repair the compromised window registry.
  • To solve the dilemma, you need an expert if you don’t have adequate experience and understanding of it.

Method 5:  Disabling the temporary Windows Firewall.

  • Go to the Control Panel window and press the Firewall configuration button. After that Click ‘Turn-off’ and try to open the QuickBooks app.
  • However if your device has an external firewall installed, you have to visit their official website to explain the disabling process.


This article contains the most possible details about the QuickBooks Search and solutions that do not work. You can contact our QuickBooks Support Number if you have any questions or want any assistance. For your assistance, our experts are available 24 * 7. You can get help by sending us an email ( For more information about the QuickBooks, you can also visit our website at

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