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You are using the accounting software which is so much known to every business organization. The Un deposited funds account keeps the payments of customer in QuickBooks till the time you want to deposit them in your bank. Once you have made a thought to deposit the slip, you can merge these payments into a single record so that the transaction of QuickBooks. So, in this post we will be updated about putting the payments into your un deposited funds account before you merge them.

Method 1: Put the payments into the un-deposited funds account

When you want to process the payments processed with QuickBooks payments:

If you are thinking to process invoice payments with QuickBooks Payments for desktop, you are just required to merge the payments for an account.

When your Invoice Payments processes outside of QuickBooks Desktop:

When the workflow is been accessed by you, QuickBooks put all invoice payments into Un-deposited funds automatically.

When your sales receipts for payments processes outside of QuickBooks Desktop:

By default, when QuickBooks thinks of putting the payments of sales receipts into Un-deposited funds account. You are required to create the sales receipt and then it is the duty of QuickBooks who handle this, such instance will occur when you think to put the amount in to the chosen account

  • Click on the Edit menu, choose Preferences tab
  • Choose Payments from the list, click on Company preferences tab
  • Choose and unmark the Use undeposited funds as a default deposit to account
  • Click on OK

Contact QuickBooks Support USA to resolve the issue, so that you can continue to process.

If you have selected an un deposited funds or the another account every time you are creating the sales receipt:

  • In the Homepage of QuickBooks, click on Create Sales receipt
  • Choose the customer in the drop down menu
  • From the deposit to drop down menu, click Un-deposited funds
  • Fill out complete details of the form
  • Click on Save and Close or Click on Save and New

Make sure if your bank keeps the track of single deposit as own deposit, you are not required to merge it with other in QuickBooks Desktop. You can rather put the payments directly into an account and unselect Un-deposited funds.

Consult with QuickBooks Support USA team to get help in a detailed manner so that you can execute it in a well manner.

Method 2: Create the deposit for the bank

You are now capable of handling the bank deposit and merge the paymnets in QuickBooks Desktop. All payments which are displayed in un deposited fund shows in Bank Deposit window automatically.

Method 3: Go through your Un deposited funds account

  • In the Lists menu, click on Chart of Accounts
  • Right click on the un deposited funds and click on Quick Report
  • In the Dates drop down menu, click on All
  • Choose Customize Report
  • Click on the Filters tab
  • Choose the filter list and click on Cleared
  • In the cleared tab, click No
  • Choose OK

You can immediately be in touch with our expert leaders by contacting us at QuickBooks Support USA. Now, you are capable of creating the payments into Undeposited funds in QuickBooks Desktop, if still you are struggling with errors you can mail us on our mail id at

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