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The QuickBooks error 213 arises when you are operating the QuickBooks Verify Data utility. Error 213 in QuickBooks warns if QuickBooks recognizes a duplicate list of elements within a QBWin.log file. The same error can occur when you are running, downloading, starting and shutting down Windows, or tracking entries.

A particular error code 213 prompts QuickBooks instantly when it detects any duplicate entries. In the QBWin.log file, there are many forms of list available to handle your QuickBooks data in an efficient way. Let’s see how much sort of list is available in the QBWin.log file: list of clients, list of vendors, list of groups, list of employees and list of names, etc. The QuickBooks error 213 error message begins to occur on your computer screen whenever duplicate entries are detected on any of the lists.

The same error message is prompted again as transactions are being imported. It is up to you to manually modify the list by deleting duplicate entries to solve the problem. We will clarify every step of how you can fix this mistake in this post, then what are the causes behind this mistake. Only take a glance at it:

Potential causes of Error Code 213 in QuickBooks

  • Your list (customer list, list of suppliers, class list, list of staff, and list of names) of redundant elements within it.
  • Damage to some of the things on your list .
  • Presence of more than one file which bears the same name.
  • Malicious attacks or malware encouraging error code 213

Methods to correct  the QuickBooks Error 213 Line by Line

Important: Before following any remedies, you should make the backup of your company file. We suggest that you make an external storage backup that prohibits you from losing your valuable information.

Solution 1: Delete Duplicate Entries manually

Phase 1:- In QuickBooks, open your QBWin.log file.

  • First of all, you ought to run your QuickBooks application and afterwards click the F2 key on the keyboard when you enter QuickBooks, then a Product Information Window will open on your computer screen.
  • Then you’d have to hit your keyboard’s F3 key, after that “Tech Help” key.The window opens and you need to find QBWin.log.
  • Thereafter, to find the QBWin.log file, you must follow this route to C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks\log\XXX\.log folder.
  • Finally, left-click your mouse twice to open the QBWin.log file.

Phase 2:- Manually detect the Duplicate Entries within the QBWin.log file

  • Alternatively, you can reach the bottom of the log file by pressing the Ctrl + End key to reach the bottom of the log file.
  • Then you need to open the Find window by pressing the Ctrl + F key on the screen, and then enter the Duplicate entry, after which all your duplicate entries will be highlighted.
  • Put the correct mouse key on the duplicate entries, and after that rename this log file with a different name to continue this process until there is no duplicate entry in the list.
  • Afterwards, to check whether there is any duplicity left or not, you ought to run The Verify Data Utility, and after that open your QuickBooks list again now that you won’t get QuickBooks error 213.

Solution 2: Sorting out the list

  • The first thing you have to do is sort all of your given list inside the re-sort list.
  • See the Re-sort QuickBooks list for suitable instructions.
  • You could then properly close the QuickBooks application and afterwards reopen the QuickBooks application within your machine.
  • You must run the “Verify Data/Rebuild” method to write the damaged date/information.

Solution 3: Run the file LicFix 21319

  • Open the device on your computer as well as login as an Administrator.
  • You ought to download the patch file now, and after that open the file you downloaded.
  • Extract When you get a “Do you want to open or save this file” pop-up message? ”.
  • On the basis of your operating system, room will be calculated.
  • You have to double-click the LicFix 21319.exe file and after that remove this file as well.
  • Once all the files have been successfully executed, the Command Prompt will automatically close.

Solution 4:- Inspect a file with RegEdit.exe

  • “Place your cursor on the Start button and press the “Enter” button and choose “RegEdit”.
  • And after that, within RegEdit, you have to continue on this path. HKEY>CURRENT>USERSoftware>MicrosoftWindows>CurrentVersion>Explorer>UserShellFolders.
  • After that, replace the initial value of your local profile for the route.
  • Place the “Ok” button on the cursor and afterwards restart your computer system to fix QuickBooks error 213.

Solution 5: QuickBooks reinstallation

If QuickBooks error 213 cannot be overcome, then try this approach to make sure you have tried all of the above solutions.

  • First of all, when you reinstall the QuickBooks software, you just need to reinstall the application.So everything inside the QuickBooks will be removed.
  • Thereafter, you don’t face this mistake, but use this method at the end, you have to start with the new System.

If QuickBooks detects any duplicate entries in your QBWin.log file, with the aid of an error code number, QuickBooks notifies you. You need to manually rename duplicate entries to fix this error to do this by going to QBWin.log and then pressing Ctrl + F on the keyboard, then duplicate entries will be highlighted and renamed after you don’t face QuickBooks error 213.

Conclusion :

We believe you’re finally able to overcome your problem by adopting our solutions mentioned above. We encourage you to get in touch with our QuickBooks Support USA team to get appropriate strategies for the same query if your queries still exist. You can also contact us at ( by sending us an email for help. You can browse our website at at any time for more information about Quickbooks.

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