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The problem that QuickBooks Outlook does not respond to arises when sending emails from the QuickBooks Desktop. It is possible to combine Microsoft Outlook with QuickBooks Desktop apps and send emails from the QuickBooks using Outlook as an email client. Nevertheless, an error message appears on your computer as the QuickBooks Outlook problem happens, “Error: QuickBooks may not send your email to Outlook.” The error can be promoted by incorrect configurations in your preferences in Email or Internet Explorer. We will address the possible reasons and fault detection methods for the QuickBooks errors in this post; the QuickBooks email Outlook does not respond.

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The Potential reasons for the QuickBooks Outlook is not responding

 When the QuickBooks states, Outlook does not respond; this means that the error may be triggered by some of the reasons mentioned below.

  • Incorrect email configurations in Internet Explorer
  • Incorrect Outlook installation on Windows
  • Outlook applications running in the background may create an error while attempting to email QuickBooks.
  • Possible damage to the QuickBooks installation
  • Harm to the MAPI32.dll Outlook email configuration file
  • Inaccurate email settings in the QuickBooks application.

Once you are aware of the potential explanations behind the error. Now the next process is to resolve the error using various methods.

Ways to Address the QuickBooks Desktop Outlook is not responding error effectively.  

If you are unable to send an email via QuickBooks Outlook, the debugging procedures below can assist you in resolving errors.

Solution 1: Uncheck the alternative “Run this software as administrator”

You need to change the admin rights in this approach so that they are not needed when sending the text.

  • Stop QuickBooks and open the Start menu for Windows.
  • In the search field, select the QuickBooks• Right-click the QuickBooks icon while browsing, and pick Open File Position
  • Then find and right-click the QuickBooks.exe file from the folder containing the company file and choose Properties.
  • After that Select Compatibility, then choose and uncheck the Administrator option to execute this programme.
  • If the choice can’t be tested (it’s grayed out), click Display All Users Settings to see the choice restored.
  • To validate the adjustments you have made, click Add and press OK.

Even after conducting the preventive maintenance, if the QuickBooks sending emails through Outlook does not respondent that case switch to the next debugging solution.

Solution 2: In the QuickBooks, resolve your email preferences

 In this process, we will modify QuickBooks Outlook’s email settings, and afterwards retry the QuickBooks programme to submit emails.

  • Press Preferences from the QuickBooks Edit column, and afterwards pick Submit Forms
  • Then click the My Preferences tab and use the button to select Submit Text.
  • Click yes and return to the Edit tab again, and afterwards press Preferences.
  • Then pick Submit Forms and from the My Preferences page, press the QuickBooks Email
  • after that click OK
  • Update your Outlook Settings and afterwards press OK to approve the change.
  • Try sending emails using the QuickBooks again to check whether the error is patched or not.

 Solution 3: Check your IE Expectations for Email

After installing the QuickBooks and fixing the software’s email preferences, search the Internet Explorer’s email preferences.

  • Stop the QuickBooks and launch Internet Explorer.

Then execute the provided action series: in Tools choose Settings and after that select Internet Options

Click the Programs tab then, and after that select Set Programs to go on.

Pick Set the default programmes and select the email service that you have to use

  • Press Submit, and then OK to save the modifications.

To end the operation, close Internet Explorer

Solution 4: perform MAPI32.dll  restore 

In case none of the above-mentioned remedies have helped you to address the problem of the ‘QuickBooks Outlook does not respond,’ then try mending the MAPI32.dll file.

  • at first Close all the programmes running  in the background
  • then Open Windows File Manager and go to folder C:\Windows\System32
  • Look for the Fixmapi.exe file by double-clicking the search button.
  • Wait for the MAPI32.dll file to be restored then, once done; try to send the QuickBooks emails again.


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