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Facing error n QuickBooks? Not to worry QuickBooks Support USA will help you out in debugging the error. When you are running the software QuickBooks for your company to download the transactions or you are unable to connect to Internet then this error occurs in QuickBooks Desktop. But, here we will guide you to resolve this QuickBooks Error ol 301 and will help you out in modifying the company file and your bank transactions. But, before proceeding further you should take back up of your company file.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error ol 301

Method 1: Generate a sample of Company File

  • In the File menu, choose New Company
  • Click on Express Start
  • In Setup window, type all the information
  • Choose Create Company

After this if you are still facing the error it clearly signifies that there must be issue with your bank. This happened because may be you installed new version of QuickBooks and didn’t turn on the notifications for bank thus you are not connected for any online services.

If at all you are not facing this error then you are connected to your bank and you can move further to resolve this error.

Method 2: Now, reset the connection to your bank

  • Turn off your Bank Feeds and again turn on to refresh your online banking connection.
  • You require this because if at all your bank did an update to their online banking service, then it will be updated to your file also.
  • Turn off Bank Feeds for the particular account in which you are having an issue to open.
  • Turn on Bank Feeds again. This refreshes QuickBooks’ connection to your bank.
  • Repeat the same steps again till the time error is not resolved it still facing error, follow the next method.

Method 3: Reset all banking online connections

When you reset the connection for one account and again error arises, and then follow this for all hidden accounts also:

  • In the Lists menu, choose chart of Accounts
  • Click on include Inactive
  • Turn off the bank feeds option
  • Close QuickBooks
  • Again open QuickBooks
  • Now, you can turn on the bank feeds

Method 4: Verify your Company data

Method 5: Contact your bank

If again you are facing same issue after modifying the settings of Bank Feeds and there is no issues found over there then you must contact your bank to sought out issue and get accessed. You must confirm about bank account and its activation so that no error occurs in QuickBooks.

Obviously, after going through this blog you have got a good view on information about bank feed, QuickBooks error ol 301. With this blog post now you will be able to solve the same, if still facing issue, you are free to contact us @ 1-877-390-1412 to QuickBooks Support USA and you can also drop us a mail at

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