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You must be knowing about QuickBooks to accept and carry forward the customer payments for your invoices. If you are having QuickBooks payments, you can straight forward to access the payments in QuickBooks Desktop. You can turn on the notifications for emailing to your customers.

You are required to follow the link to payments to pay for your invoices by credit card or the transfer of bank card.

Method 1: Sign up or connect an existing QuickBooks Payments account

If you haven’t signed up for QuickBooks Payments. If the QuickBooks Payments is already installed on your computer, connect with the existing product.

Method 2: Process payments in QuickBooks Desktop

If you are thinking to make the payments. Go through the steps if you want to process your customer an invoice so that they can pay online, or process payments among themselves.

If the issue is solved contact QuickBooks Customer Care Support.

If you are thinking to process the in person payments in QuickBooks Desktop, follow the guidelines to continue with your accounting record.

Process in person payments

If customers think to join your business or call to make a payment, you are not required to send them an invoice. Rather than creating a sales receipt:

  • In the Customers menu click on Create Sales Receipts.
  • Choose the customer from the Customer: Job dropdown menu
  • Add the products and services the customer for which you are paying
  • Fill out the rest of the details in sales receipt.
  • Choose the mode of payment: CashCheck, or Visa 
  • Once you have processed, click on Save & Close.

Process Payment for Open Invoices

  • In the Customers menu click on Receive Payments.
  • Choose the customer from the Received From drop-down menu.
  • In the transactions tab, click on the checkbox next to the invoice that you want to apply the on the payment.
  • Choose the payment method: Cash, Check, or Visa
  • Once you have processed, click on Save & Close.

If the issue is solved then you can continue with your work, else immediately contact QuickBooks Customer Care Support. You can also drop us a mail on our mail id at

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