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QuickBooks is the crucial effective accounting software for both small to medium corporate companies as it can handle both the financial transactions as well as the payroll operations. The QuickBooks Payroll Error PS0160 can be encountered as you attempt to run the payroll or update payroll. This is accompanied by a message of error stating: “Current improved payroll service is unavailable”.

In this article w will understand the reason for the occurrence of the error and ways to fix the error. If you want to learn more about the error you can call the QuickBooks payroll support and our well-proficient engineer will assist you in the best possible manner.

The possible causes behind the Occurrence of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS0160

What is the actual reason that triggers QuickBooks Payroll Error PS0160?    Searching for the root cause of any error issue is important, because it is useful in resolving the problem. And that is why; we’ve compiled a list of potential explanations for the positive result. Let’s focus on the points mentioned below:

Poor Intuit Service connection

QuickBooks Payroll Subscription might have expired

Because of the malware intrusion or third party program intervention.

An outdated version of the payroll software may also trigger this error.

The methods to fix the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS0160

 After knowing the causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS016. The next step is to fix the error. So listed below are the approaches to fix the problem:

Solution 1: Verify the Billing Details

The one possible explanation for QuickBooks Payroll Error PS0160 may be to have billing and subscription problem in payroll. Therefore, you ought to check them out to ensure there is no specific problem with either the specifics of the billing or the payroll you subscribe. You can try it out here:

To open it, you will first and foremost click on the “My Account” tab. This is listed under the self-service subscription option offered to its users by Intuit.

 Then, select the company file and program that has a technical flaw and must be instantly eradicated.

After that, move to Billing segment and click on “Edit”

Review the billing records to ensure subscription is still working. If the subscription expires then update and save the changes

Then, tap on the “Close” tab.

Doing so will update changes automatically.

Check the billing data again under Preview option. If it is correctly verified and when you are confident there is no error, press the “Save” button and sign out of the software at the end

Solution 2: Ensure That There Is No Issue With The Intuit Server.

You may be confronted with the QB Error PS0160 if you have a server problem or a weak network connection. So, it is strongly recommended that you try out Intuit’s server first. When there is some issue with the website, this means the platform is under repair. So, wait until Intuit’s website server begins to function properly.

Solution 3: Update QuickBooks Payroll

If the cause behind QuickBooks Payroll Error PS0160 is an outdated version of the software or payroll version, then you need to take steps to upgrade the Payroll. You would have to visit QuickBooks’ official payroll site, and then download and install the latest updated payroll application.  That will figure your error out.

Solution 4: Complete Scan Your PC

If the cause behind QuickBooks Payroll Error PS0160 is the interference of third party software or malware attack, then you need to get your operating system’s entire ADPS scanned without any delay. As just by scanning method the issue could be fixed from the root.


Hopefully, our post and the above mentioned points will help you know how to get QuickBooks Payroll Error PS0160 fixed. If still you come across any doubt in taking the subscription of payroll contact us at QuickBooks Payroll Support and you can also draft a mail of listed queries or issues you faced or struggling with on our mail id at Consult with our executives with the availability of all round the clock and availability geographically. They highly ask your query and then process it, after getting the solution they deliver to you the proper response of your issue. Be informed that our experts are highly qualified in their respective domains. You can also visit our website at

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