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QuickBooks is an efficient accounting software used for streamlining all your monetary processes. With a vast amount of data at your disposal, at any given point of time, you might be required to restore a backup company file. Although you can dial the QuickBooks Helpline Number for smooth assistance for restoring a backup company file, you can also execute the following protocols to do the same.

  • If you want to restore a backup company file, start by
  • Browsing to the File menu and then choosing to open or Restore Company.
  • Choose Restore a backup copy and after that click
  • Select a Local Backup then click
  • Through the Look In the drop-down, select the location of the backup file.
  • Choose the backup file in the folder. Not that the file name has to be viewed as [Company Name].qbb. Then choose Open, and click
  • Through the Save in the drop-down, you have selected the location of the restored f
  • Viewing the File name field, write a new file name. The point to remember here is that the Save as type field will by default propagate QuickBooks Files (*.QBW).

Choose Save and then cautiously view and reply to all texts which pop up on your desktop before the restoration starts to happen.

In case you didn’t understand the above protocols or any error pops up while attempting this, reach out at the QuickBooks Technical Support Number, dial at the earliest.

In case you want to restore a backup for previous QuickBooks Desktop versions (2010 and prior):

If you already made a backup copy of the company file created with QuickBooks 2010 or later, and you wish to restore the backup to your initial QuickBooks version, which is before 2010, you may implement the Restore Backup For Earlier QuickBooks Version utility rather than the standard Restore command. For using this utility tool,

  • Browse to the File menu and then choose Utilities, select “Restore Backup For Earlier QuickBooks Version.”
  • Choose the “(…)” Option which is adjacent to the Backup filename field.
  • Select the backup company file and then choose to Open it
  • Select the (…) button next to the Restored filename field.
  • From the Save in the drop-down, select the folder where you want to save the restored company file.
  • Note: QuickBooks uses the default location based on your Windows operating system. You can create your own folder for your restored company file.
  • Viewing the File name field, put in an uncommon name for the restored file to prevent overwriting a prevalent company file then click on Save and choose

If the above solutions are not able to resolve your doubts and errors, you can certainly reach out at QuickBooks helpline number, which is. Errors related to Restoring a backup company file can be fixed within no time.

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