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You are launching QuickBooks Online and the page displays error that says “Error: a network problem has occurred”. Now, what is this and what would be the correct way to remove this error?

So, when you see this network issue on the page that was loaded by QuickBooks online it means that the page did not load completely due to slow network or disturbed network. But not to worry, you will easily be able to resolve this by performing a few simple and quick steps.

First, we will reload the page. To do this you may select the reload icon in browser or press F5 on the keyboard (Command + R if you’re using a Mac). This will make an attempt to download the entire page again.

Second, restart and refresh the browser. Close the browser and re-launch again and log in to QuickBooks online.

Third, the security check. We are done with the initial browser check. If the issue still persists we will have to check if there is any firewall or security software running your computer. If a firewall is present, we will have to change the setting to allow access for and

This should resolve the error but in case you are still not able to load the page and getting the same error kindly contact a QuickBooks Technical Support representative for further assistance.

Most Important:

To get the quick resolution is not much time we request you to keep available the following information before calling support representative.

  • To the point description of the issue, you are facing.
  • If the firewall is present or any other security software, the details of it.
  • Any recently installed update.

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