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The QuickBooks accounting software is one of the most popular work-related stress management programmes. This programme allows you to track your company’s revenue and expenses by monitoring, procuring, and entering all financial transactions, as well as monitoring orders, sales, and inventories, administering payrolls, maintaining customer and distributor accounts, and several other tasks. QuickBooks users are often frustrated, owing to the errors that they encounter when using the software. If you’re trying to fix Error 155 or Banking Error 155 in QuickBooks but the issue persists, start reading our article from the beginning to learn what you need to know. “QuickBooks Error 155” reads the message “Your data from QuickBooks cannot be linked or retrieved by Financial Institution (FI).” If you receive this error, it means that Intuit is working to resolve the issue with your FI. At the same time, the Financial Institution has not informed Intuit when they will be able to resume allowing these communications.

If you find this mistake, contact your bank’s servers and request that they approve the link. If the error persists, simply notify your bank’s representatives of the issue and ask them to up vote the issue on the OFX Connectivity list for error assistance. Establish a note or a ticket number in your case for possible comparisons.

For now though, you can use the Web Connector to import your bank deposits into QuickBooks Online. It often leads to the occurrence of the incident, due to multi-factor authentication forms of accounts. Our experts will provide you with all of the knowledge and data you need to resolve banking error 155. For more information or to speak with one of our technicians, call our QuickBooks support number.

Note: If you’re not sure how to upload your bank transfers, go to the official Intuit website, where you’ll find answers to all of your questions.

 Quickbooks Error 155 in QuickBooks can occur for a variety of reasons.

QuickBooks Error 155 can be caused by a variety of factors. We’ve listed a few triggers that will help you solve your problem by allowing you to be aware of the causes, so take a look:

  • Server problems in banks
  • An update to the banking name was made, but the changes were not replicated on the server.
  • Problems with creating internet connections
  • Banking issues include data mishandling and fraud prevention.

There are a lot of variables we haven’t discussed yet, and there are still a few more to go through. However, these few will be extremely useful in troubleshooting your banking problem, so don’t be concerned; instead, cautiously start to learn resolutions in order to obtain the best results.

Solutions for QuickBooks Error 155 or Banking Error 155

From this page, you can learn four useful fixes for the QuickBooks Banking Mistake 155 problem. These issues are similar to the Error 404 fixes, but they are all separate from one another. Please read all of the moves very carefully and patiently.

Solution 1: Importing and updating transactions from banks

Start with solution 1 and then move on to solution 2 if your banking error 155 has not been resolved.

  • Log in to your bank’s website using your login credentials and begin uploading the transaction.
  • Choose a specific date (no more than 90 days) before the file is downloaded.
  • Choose QuickBooks Activated Files from your computer’s “Choices” menu.
  • After the update, open your QuickBooks accounting programme, go to “banking,” and manually upload transactions.
  • Check the guidelines and on-screen reminders to finish the process.

If solution 1 fails to get you to your destination point, move on to the next phase.

Solution 2: Changes can be made manually

  • After you’ve opened the QuickBooks accounting app, start by right-clicking on banking.
  • Select Upgrade from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the email address you’d like to update
  • Manually type the Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) requirements and afterwards touch the device.

Move on if solution 2 is unable to reach the destination point.

Solution 3: Keep in mind that the update will take the same amount of time.

  • To begin, log in to your accounting app and then select the Banking option on the left.
  • After this select the Upgrade option from the tab.
  • Open the section for recent changes and make a note of the precise time and date of the updates.

If Solution 3 fails to correct the mistake, move on to Solution 4.

Solution 4 : Changes to Internet Security and Firewall Settings

  • To begin, double-click on the main QuickBooks window to open it.
  • Then choose Configurations and search or browse to the programme for which you want to change permissions.
  • Changes and modifications to Firewall settings should be restricted.

Conclusion :

We hope you enjoyed our article on QuickBooks Banking Mistake 155. We have demonstrated all of the pertinent details in this post, including possible causes and solutions for QuickBooks Error 155. If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our QuickBooks Support Phone Number experts, please call our 24/7 helpline number. Instead of disappointing you, our programmers will be thankful to you using some kind of error-correcting technique.Your time and money will be saved by contacting us. Our experts can assist you if you give us an email at ( They are ready to assist you. You can also go to for more QuickBooks-related information.

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