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The most generic software in today’s accounting world is QuickBooks designed and developed by Intuit. There are numerous amount of accounting service providers available in market but we always look for the one which is compatible, reliable, last but not the least affordable and manageable.

QuickBooks provides us various features including all methods which were hands-on till date but now everything is possibly done online like accounting applications, payroll functions, management of bills in a manner that anytime by sitting anywhere you can have access towards your account and most importantly modify all details keeping privacy in mind.

QuickBooks is classified into two:

  1. QuickBooks Desktop
  2. QuickBooks Online

If we will talk about QuickBooks Online this can be effectively used by any type of business being a small sized or large sized business firms or be it a huge organisation. In every preceding year Intuit is enhancing its QuickBooks versions which are being modified almost every year where functions became more reliable and enhanced. By keeping demand of the product in mind there is cloud service available also which is called QuickBooks online.

QuickBooks Desktop is a one-time purchase accounting software to be installed on your office desktop computer. Latest version is QuickBooks 2019.

Why should we go for QuickBooks Desktop??

There are numerous features of QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Multi Monitor Support which states that it enhances your workspace for more benefits by connecting three monitors with individual QuickBooks.
  2. Payroll Liability Payment Reminder will help you and your client by giving reminder for payroll liability payments. There is red reminder badge which gives 1 week prior notification of reminder.
  3. Merge Vendor Records states that all duplicated vendor records will be merged and modified.
  4. Search Chart of Accounts makes it ease of searching and finding accurate payroll account chart, or sub account just by typing your account number, account name.
  5. Updated E mail Security states that you or your client can securely send numerous mails from various mail servers through QuickBooks using advanced authentication.
  6. Mobile Inventory Scanning in this we can use a barcode to keep the records of inventory, by picking quantities at the warehouse. This feature is much more reliable and accurate and efficient.

Limitations of QuickBooks desktop

  • There is limitation in reporting and accounting.
  • Double entry and keying errors
  • Lacking of automation between other systems.
  • Limitation in file size, data and number of users.


  • User friendly
  • Customized application for current requirements
  • Built in feature to track income and expenses.
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Management of payroll, track changes,
  • Generation of invoices, payroll management and track changes.

 QuickBooks is highly integrated version for accounting if you need further assistance you can directly call or email us at or feel free to contact number QuickBooks customer support   our technical support team is available 24X7.

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