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QuickBooks allows you to access accounting tools to enhance its functionality in order to get more revenue. These payments are most crucial mode. QuickBooks Online permits you to record credit card payments in numerous ways so you can keep way of your expenses and maintain exact financial reports. In this post you will come to know about credit card payments.

Writing of a check

If you ever acknowledged the payment via check, you can also mark a check to record a credit card payment. Kindly follow below mentioned steps:

  • Click on New.
  • In Vendors tab, click on Checks.
  • In the Payee option, type the name of the vendor
  • In the Bank Account field option, click on the bank account or credit card from where the payment will be made available.
  • In the Check no. option, type the check number, or If you had already paid electronically, enter the EFT.
    • Uncheck Print Later
  • Type the Outstanding Transaction details and a payment amount.
  • Click on Save and Close option.

Carry a credit card payment via bank transfer

  • Click on New.
  • Click on Transfer.
  • From the Transfer Funds, click on the bank account from where you had made the credit card payment.
  • To the Transfer Funds, now where payment was to send click on that specified credit card.
  • In the Transfer Amount option, type the amount of the payment.
  • If you want to modify it Click on edit the date.
  • Click on Save and close.

Generate payment after matching your credit card

Solution 1: Tally your credit card transactions

  • Click on Settings, and then click on Reconcile.
  • Choose the credit card account.
  • Type any lost transactions from the statement and regulate for any wrong transactions.
  • Click on Start reconciling, when their difference is zero.
  • In the Reconcilation screen, click on the checkbox for matched the transactions on your statement with your transactions.
  • Click on Finish now, then choose Done.

Solution 2: Give your credit card transactions

Select the mode how do you want the payments to proceed:

  • Pay all: Pay in complete or make half payment.
  • Type a bill to pay later: Switches the balance in the credit card account to Accounts Payable so that it can be paid afterwards.
  • Done: At the time of matching transactions, you don’t wish for recording credit card payments or bills

Employ banking download

If at all credit card or the bank account with which you paid your expenses that is connected via bank, then you can record the payment by just transferring the record.

Transfer the payment

  • Click on to Banking, and then choose Banking.
  • Click on the account you acquire to transfer the payment from.
  • Choose the transaction, and then choose the Record transfer
  • Choose the Transfer account from drop-down menu and click on the account to whom you want to send the transaction.
  • Click on Record transfer.

Match the transaction

Once you are over with the transfer of the transaction, you must match your transaction with the new account.

  • Click on the Recognized option and search for the transaction.
  • Below the Action column, click on Match.

We expect this post has made all your doubt clears in a manner to carry on with QuickBooks software. We at QuickBooks Customer Support are always available for you to debug any kind of error. We assure you we will continuously be posting articles like this which will brief you about recording payments of credit card. For further guidance contact QuickBooks Customer care support and feel free to drop us a mail at

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