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As we know that QuickBooks plays an important role in today’s accounting and it also helps in keeping the track related to good and services. In case, if a total deposit is negative, then user needs to create a journal entry to move the funds. Today we will discuss how to resolve negative deposits with the help of QuickBooks Desktop Error Support.

We have mentioned the following sections that will guide you through the steps necessary to resolve a negative deposit.

Users can create the journal entry
If users are looking to create journal entries in their QuickBooks desktop, then they need to follow the steps:

  1. First, click & select + New.
  2. Next click & select Journal Entry.
  3. Now type the Dateof the transaction.
  4. Click & select undeposited Fundsfrom the drop-down list in the Account 
  5. Type the amount of the deposit in the Debits
  6. Click & select the appropriate bank account from the Accountcolumn drop-down list.
  7. After that, type the amount of the deposit In the Credits column.
  8. At last, save and close it.

You will get to know that the deposit will be recorded as a deduction from the bank account in your QuickBooks Desktop.

Users group the Journal Entry with the payments

  1. First, click & select + New
  2. Next click & select Bank Deposit.
  3. Now you can select the payments and the Journal Entrythat you have created. The total should be zero.
  4. After that, save and close it.

Once you get done with the above steps, then you will find that your payments that are grouped with the Journal Entry and it will be removed from Undeposited Funds.


We believed that the above given information through this blog will be useful for users to get resolve negative deposits with the help of QuickBooks Desktop Support Number. Anyhow, if you left with any issue then we will highly recommend you to get in touch with our experts via call or live chat via visiting our website You can also draft a mail to us @

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