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Let’s discuss today how to e-file your State Unemployment Filings from QuickBooks Desktop with the help QuickBooks Customer Support.

As of now, depending on your state, you may have different options to file your state unemployment forms:

  • You may E-file directly from QuickBooks Desktop
  • You can create a state unemployment file in QuickBooks Desktop and manually upload it to the state (or send by electronic media when applicable)
  • You may create and print paper copies of your unemployment forms from QuickBooks Desktop and send to the state.

We will explain that how you can create and submit a state unemployment file to your state agency.

Do you know your state requirements?

In case, if you are not sure what the requirements are for your state and the availability in QuickBooks Desktop, see Quick List of E-File & E-Pay Availability in QuickBooks.

You will find that some states require that payment and forms are filed together, other states want them filed separately. Take a look at the following articles to see whether you need to file forms with payments or separately:

  • E-file state forms and e-pay state taxes separately in QuickBooks
  • E-file state forms and e-pay state taxes together in QuickBooks

If your state doesn’t appear in either list, we will request you to visit our Payroll Tax Compliance website and select your state to view form filing requirements.

Note:  You will get to know that Pennsylvania has updated their format from a CSV to an ICESA formatted file. This change requires additional information to be entered. Please follow the additional steps in the process to complete your file.

You may access the E-File feature.

In case, if you can directly e-file from QuickBooks Desktop, access the e-file feature:

  1. Click & select Employees, and select Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s.
  2. Click & select Process Payroll Forms.

It will be required to create a file to submit to your state for quarterly filing.

In case, if you are not able to e-file your state quarterly filing forms, you can create a file in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced, and then manually upload the file you created to the state.

In order to create a file in QuickBooks Desktop to submit to your state:

  1. Choose Employees Menu. From the Employees menu, select Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s, and select Create State SUI E-file.
  2. Click & select welcome window. In the Welcome window, select Continue.
  3. QuickBooks Payroll State SUI File will open, In the QuickBooks Payroll State SUI File window, click & select Continue.
  4. Click & select your state from the Select State drop-down list.
  5. Click & select Get QuickBooks Data.
  6. Now, In the QuickBooks Payroll State SUI E-file – Updated window, select OK.
  7. You can correct any errors or add missing information into the file.
  8. Click & select Add-Ins. On the Add-Ins tab, locate the QuickBooks Payroll State SUI E-file drop-down arrow, and select Start Interview.
  9. Click & select the I understand that I must review my data and answer the following questions option and select Next.
  10. You may note the file name and location. This is the file you send to the state.
    It is critical that you accurately note the file name and location for this file.
  11. Click & select Next.
  12. You may need to answer the questions and verify any auto-populated information.
  13. Click & select Next until you reach the End of Interview window, and select Create State File.
  14. State file will open. In the State File Created prompt, select OK.
  15. Choose Save Workbook. In the Save Workbook window, select Yes to save the Excel workbook for your records.
    However, This file is saved for your records. It is not the file you submit to the state.

You need to submit the file you have created to your state.

You will find that the following sections provide state-specific information about the filings that are supported using the file creation method and links to the state websites.  State requirements for creating and submitting a file vary from state to state. In case, if you come across with any issue, please get in touch with our QuickBooks Customer Support Team for help.

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