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As we know that QuickBooks Point of Sale is a retail point of sale system. It is best for small businesses such as clothing and shoe stores, small franchises, sporting goods stores and gift shops. Those who are user friendly, they knows that it also offers  inventory and customer management tools, merchandise planning and a tablet-compatible POS. Cloud-based and on-premise deployments are also available in it.

It also provides standard point of sale features such as payment and return processing along with inventory management in QuickBooks Desktop. If you are looking to turn off the credit card payment option in my invoices with the help of QuickBooks Point of Sale Support, then we will recommend you to follow the given steps:

In addition, users can delete the credit card option permanently by removing it in the Account and Settings page. One thing to keep in mind, this process is applicable when your payments account is connected to QuickBooks.

  1. First of all, navigate to the Gear 
  2. Next click & selectAccount and Settings, under Your Company.
  3. Then navigate to the Payments 
  4. After that, delete the credit card in the Payment Methods section option.

Furthermore, users can also remove the credit card payment through the Payment Methods page. Click & select the Make inactive option in the credit card section under the Actions column.

Additionally, users can also verify while depositing your customer payments into your bank account through QuickBooks. For further information, kindly check out this article:  How to find out when QuickBooks Payments deposits customer payments.


We believe undoubtly; you should not face any issue by taking all the above steps in the event that you will appeal to our experts to know how to turn off the credit card payment option in my invoices with the help of QuickBooks Point of Sale Support. Still, if the same problem still persists. Call our QuickBooks point of sale support on toll free number via visiting our website can get assistance by contacting us at (

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