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Today we will learn how to use an accountant’s copy as a working file in QuickBooks Desktop Accountant and Enterprise Accountant in QuickBooks Application with the help of QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

Once you receive your client’s accountant’s copy (.QBX), you need to convert it to an accountant’s copy working file (.QBA) so you can make changes to their books. Once it’s converted, you can easily correct and adjust transactions. We’ll show you how.

Important: Things need to be done: When you open the accountant’s copy, make sure to use the QuickBooks version (Premier or Enterprise) your client used to create it.

Step 1: You have to make sure that you’re using your QuickBooks’ Accountant Edition.

  1. Choose File menu. From the File menu, select Toggle to Another Edition.
  2. You will find that Premier (or Enterprise SolutionsAccountant Edition – Home should be greyed out. If not, select its radio button.
  3. Click & select Next, then Toggle. Don’t worry, you can toggle back to your preferred edition once you’re done.

Step 2: You need to convert the accountant’s copy to a working file.

  1. Choose File menu. From the File menu, select Open and Restore Company.
  2. Click & select Convert an Accountant’s Copy Transfer File, then Next.
  3. You need to read through the Overview, then Next. Do the same with the Can and Can’t Dos and select Next.
  4. Click & select find and open the accountant’s copy (.QBX).
  5. If you want to convert the file, then confirm it.
  6. You need to rename the file, then select Save.

Step 3: You can make some changes to your client’s books.

However, with an accountant’s copy working file, you can now make necessary changes and corrections to your client’s books. Here are common tasks you can do with the help of different Accountant Tools:

  • You may need to correct opening balances
  • You may write off a group of invoices
  • You may enter multiple transactions at once
  • Delete or void transactions by batch
  • You should correct all transactions that are assigned to wrong accounts or classes
  • You may view all list changes
  • You need to fix incorrectly recorded sales tax
  • You need to correct inventory errors

Step 4: It will be required to send the changes to your client

Once you are all set or you are done making changes, it will be required to send the changes to your clients over the mail like export the accountant’s copy as accountant’s changes (.QBY). Send the file to your client and let them know how they can import the accountant’s changes to their company file.

The Essential Accountant’s Copy Guide.

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In case, if you come across with any issue, we will request you to get in touch with our QuickBooks Customer Support team for your help.

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