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The main aim of transaction Journal Report is to avail debit or credit for every individual transaction and gives you a more focussed look of amounts and accounts which is not visible from transaction only.

What is the need of Journal Transaction Report?

  • One who is carrying dual entry accounting can access journal report for calculations, or for auditing.
  • Also used as a tool to define a transactions
  • It helps in searching odd entries for accounts on the reports.

How to access the Transaction Journal?

Depending on transaction type, transaction journal can be accessed in numerous ways. By accessing any of the methods, transactions can be opened.

  • Move your cursor towards the transaction toolbar, click on Reports, then choose Transaction Journal.
  • Click on to QuickBooks Reports menu, and then choose Transaction Journal.
  • For Windows, hold Ctrl + Y.
  • For Mac, hold Cmd + T.

If you are using or reading the transaction journal:

  • Accrual:To show the whole value of individual post to the accounts.
  • Current form:Only the transaction form will be displayed for the current transaction form
  • Customizable: Likewise any other reportstransaction journals can be customized.
  • Sort order:In this the entry of transaction will be displayed in the order of entry.
  • Source & Targets:In this the transaction journal is source line
  • Non-posting:Only debits and credits related to individual account is included in this.

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