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This article will help you to know the causes and solutions to resolve error -6073, -816. You may encounter this error while opening your company file. Sometimes QuickBooks cannot open the company file as the company file is being used by some other user. In that case, you must check your multi-user configuration so that company file can be accessed easily by other users without any trouble.

You can locate your QuickBooks company file in the read-only folder of your network computer and provide appropriate permissions to access the folder. You may ask your system administrator to help you locate the file. But, if you are unable to find your file anyway, contact QuickBooks support.

Possible causes for error-6073, -816

Given below are some reasons which can cause this error to occur:

  • Corrupted or damaged company file.
  • QuickBooks user must be using different versions on the computer and server.
  • Hosting is turned on for many computers.
  • Improper permissions are given to QuickBooks users.
  • QuickBooks Database Manager doesn’t have a proper connection.
  • Damaged Network Data file.
  • The Network Data files or the Transaction Log Files are unavailable.
  • Firewall settings are blocking the connection.
  • Company file is being scanned by the network software or server.
  • QuickBooks software runs a backup before the scheduled time and your company file is being used at that time.

How to resolve the error?

Solution: You can install and run QuickBooks file doctor tool. This will fix multi-user and networking problems that occur at the time of opening the company file.

If it doesn’t help you would be required to fix the error manually. Perform the given solutions in order to get the desired result or you can directly contact QuickBooks error support team for assistance.

Fixing the error manually

If QuickBooks version differ on a workstation and on server

The user is required to Update QuickBooks software to the latest release on a server as well as on workstations

Check for QuickBooks hosting settings

If the Error message displays: “QuickBooks was unable to open the company file.” You would be required to set up the hosting properly for a multi-user environment.

There is a possibility that QuickBooks user has restricted permissions. In that case, you will find an error displaying “You do not have sufficient permissions to the specified folder”. You need to provide appropriate permissions to the user to access the company file.

Check the service settings of QuickBooks database manager and Start QuickBooks Database Server Manage again.

Check for The Network Data file

  • If the file is not available or corrupted, go to the system on which the company file is hosted.
  • Open Windows Explorer and Browse the folder in which QuickBooks company file is stored.
  • Right-click and rename the file with the extension .ND. This is the network data file.
  • Open QuickBooks company file again. A new network file will be automatically created by QuickBooks software in the company file folder.

If network data files and transaction log files are hidden

  • Go to My Computer and from the Tools menu click the Folder Options.
  • Select the View tab.
  • Select Show hidden files & folders.
  • Click ok and close My Computer window.
  • Open the folder where your company file is stored and check for the network data files and transaction log files.
  • Once you find network data file .right click on a file and choose Properties.
  • Delete Hidden option and click OK.

Firewall is blocking the communication

You would require configuring internet security settings if it is your firewall that is causing the issue.

Go to Configure Internet security > personal firewall > parental control applications for QuickBooks updates to provide proper access to programs via the firewall.

If your company file is being scanned by network software or server

Sometimes, Backup on network or server that scans the local hard drive may halt the access to company files. You can identify it by disabling the auto backup or stopping scan through a server. You may have a conflict with third-party software if your issue is resolved.

If you are unable to test the cause, contact QuickBooks error support for help.

  • If a pre-scheduled backup runs when the company file is being used:
  • You would be required to temporarily disable the pre-arranged backups to resolve the issue.

If QuickBooks company file is corrupted

Repair your company file using QuickBooks file doctor tool or you may have to perform a clean install for your QuickBooks desktop.

If you face any problem while fixing the issue or you need assistance you can contact QuickBooks support 24 *7 on the toll-free number.

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