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QuickBooks is online accounting software that lets users manage their financial statements more quickly and productively and supports their business. It is being used by different businesses because of the rapid work and different features. Nothing is flawless, however, and this software has some bugs that users sometimes experience when operating in QuickBooks that pose them difficulties.

QuickBooks Online Error 9999 is one of those mistakes. It is an error that generally concerns numbers of users when updating banking information. It is a script error that is often referred to as a banking error, and if it happens, it does not allow you to use the online banking website to alter bank feeds or download transactions. When users try to change bank information in QuickBooks online, this error also arises. “An error message will be displayed on the screen simply saying: “Sorry, your account cannot be updated. Please consider upgrading later again.

We’ll address the following throughout this article:

Possible and probable signs of the 9999 error in the QuickBooks

Major reasons that triggers the Error 9999 in QuickBooks

Steps to fix the error code 9999 in QuickBooks

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A few of the possible signs of the error code 9999 in QuickBooks

  • Users of QuickBooks can’t contact their bank if a mistake happens.
  • It will freeze the browser they use and the process will be slow.
  • They will end up with a dialogue box containing an error message.

 Some of the probable cause leading to the appearance of the QuickBooks Online Error 9999

The potential reasons for the incidence of QuickBooks Error 9999 are as follows:

  • It can take too long to establish a link between the bank and Intuit Server due to the slow speed of the internet connection, which might contribute to the unexpected occurrence of the error.
  • Perhaps your Windows Security software is preventing a connection to the website of the bank or to the Intuit Server, which can also lead to an error.
  • If the cache file and cookies of the browser are not cleared, this could be one of the reasons for the error.

 To eliminate the QuickBooks Online Error 9999, listed below are the useful remedies:

So we have addressed all the signs and factors leading to the error above. Perhaps the next step is to understand the possible solutions to get rid of the error. The following methods are mentioned below to eliminate the QuickBooks error 9999. To resolve the problem, follow the instructions below:

Methods 1:

  • First press the “Report Issue” button inside the error message.
  • Then switch to the “Banking Transaction” screen as well as in the preferred box type your email address and name.
  • Click the ‘Send’ button afterwards.
  • In 10 working days, you will get the technical staff’s reply.
  • When the above approach does not work to fix the QuickBooks 9999 error, then continue towards the next method described below.

Methods 2:

  • You must disconnect your current QuickBooks Online account first to start the process.
  • Afterwards, to view the highlighted account, press the ‘Edit’ button.
  • And after that, click “Edit account info”
  • Click “disconnect this account on save” afterwards.
  • After all this, pick the ‘Save’ and ‘Close’ options.
  • Then turn back and renew the link to the dashboard.
  • Navigate to the bank account afterwards and then link it to the QuickBooks Online account again.
  • After this access the account and enter the username and password correctly afterwards.
  • Finally, in the QuickBooks Online account, Updated Transactions will be shown.

This will solve the problem, but if this technique also does not work to correct the problems, proceed to the next solution given below.

Methods 3:

  • To start the move, first open the Windows Internet Explorer web browser and then click the “Favorites” button.
  • History option must be selected afterwards.
  • Go to the “Menu” section thereafter and open “History” after this transfer.
  • Now choose the pages that you want the whole search history to delete or clear.
  • And click “Delete” thereafter.

This might resolve the issue, but you can switch towards the next solution if the problem is not resolved.

Methods 4:

  • Click on the “Start” button on your Windows to begin with First.
  • Thereafter, enter Command in the search bar to open a prompt window for a command.
  • “Then hold down the key “Ctrl + Shift” and press “Enter
  • You can see that, after doing this, a request dialogue box will pop up on the screen. So, click on “Yes” afterwards.
  • After that, a black box will appear with a blinking cursor in it, type “Regedit,” and click “Enter”
  • Then pick the key linked to “Error 9999” or the backup key that you want to make.
  • Afterwards, switch to the “File” menu and select the option “Export.”
  • After that, save the backup key by defining a name in the File Name field.
  • Tap “Save” to save the file. Make sure, however, that you save the file with the extension .reg.
  • After this, you’ll end up with your QuickBooks registry entry backup.

 Completion :

 All of the above mentioned methods in this post would probably lead to the elimination of the 9999 error code in QuickBooks. We just expect you to have the perfect advice or support from us. But, if you still face any problem or have any questions about the above-mentioned methods available to address the problem you can contact us at any time at QuickBooks Customer Support USA and our team of specialists with their competent expertise is always available to assist you solve problems and try their utmost to direct you well. Alternatively, you can contact us at To help you out, our executives are always available 24*7. And for more information on QuickBooks, please visit our website at

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