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With the latest topic, it is quite clear that we will make you understand about cancelling a pay check with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • On the top menu bar, click on Employees, then select Edit/Void Pay checks.
  • On the Edit/Void Pay checks screen, modify both the Show pay checks through or from dates to the date of the check, and continue pressing Tab on your keyboard.
  • Click to check-in question, and choose Void.
  • In the pop-up box, type ‘yes’ and click on Void.
  • If you agree, mark the checkbox saying that you accept and agree to the terms and conditions of voiding the pay check.
  • Repeat the earlier steps as required to include all checks that need to be cancelled.
  • Once the check has been cancelled, close the Edit/Void Pay checks window.
  • Click on Employees, and select Send Payroll Data.
  • Click on Send. You won’t be able to see any direct deposit checks to send.
  • The memo line will display a changes which has been made to the check. It might say: “Voided pay check Payroll Service Funds Recovered.”

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