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This is the most vital aspect to go through. When you are stuck somewhere in between accessing QuickBooks, then you can simply process these steps:

Below listed steps are there to ignore this issue and record of items you can give along with:

Method 1: To generate a new income account for sample/promotions

  • In the Lists menu, select Chart of Accounts.
  • Select Account
  • And click on New.
  • Click on Income as the account type.
  • Select Continue.
  • Name the account Samples/Promotions as per your thought process
  • Select Save & Close.

Method 2: To generate a new item for those samples/promotions

  • In the Lists menu, choose Item List.
  • Select Item and click on New.
  • Click on Other Charge as the type.
  • Name the item Sample/Promo as per your references
  • Write down a detailed description like donation/sample/promotion.
  • IN the Account drop down menu, click on the Samples/Promotions account that you created in earlier Step.
  • Choose OK.

If still facing error, you can simply dial QuickBooks Support USA

Method 3: Generate the invoice to keep track of samples/promotions

  • In the Customers menu, choose Create Invoices.
  • Once you’re done with the invoice, select Save & Close.

We tried our best to resolve your issue regarding cash basis report. You may simply contact our toll free number at our QuickBooks Support USA1-800-290-0629 and you can also send us a mail at

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