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This article will help you know the features and benefits of the QuickBooks file manager. QuickBooks file manager is an application that performs file managing tasks for QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant. It is a standalone app that stores company files in a secure environment along with the usernames and passwords. You can easily upgrade to another QuickBooks version and import client’s QuickBooks file using this one best accounting application.

QuickBooks file manager can be accessed directly through the icon on the desktop or from the QuickBooks accountant edition’s accountant menu.


  • The complex passwords of the file can be managed in the QuickBooks file manager using the password vault.
  • In order to access a similar file list along with the login/password on multiple computers, restoring a backup of the file manager will be helpful.

Features of QuickBooks File Manager

  1. You get a virtual view of your hard drive by creating a client list which also groups Client’s QuickBooks files by type and contains locations of clients’ company files.
  2. The client’s login information can be saved; the client’s file from the client list can be opened through the password vault without the need for login information.
  3. Multiple clients’ QuickBooks file can be upgraded to the latest version in batch.
  4. Defined groups of clients can be created.

Working of QuickBooks File Manager

  1. The client folder and companies are organized in a user-friendly directory that serves as a basis for the user’s original orientation.
  2. For the ease of organization, company file for each client is grouped into their particular format (.QBW, .QBB, .QBA, and .QBM).
  3. The file can easily be opened by just simply selecting to open the file from the file manager since it remembers the username and password for each file.

How to start QuickBooks file manager?

  1. Open QuickBooks and from the accountant menu, select QuickBooks file manager.
  2. Click on the QuickBooks file manager icon on your desktop.
  3. Go to windows start menu >programs >QuickBooks> file manager.

Note: if there are multiple file manager access the latest installed QuickBooks file manager.

Importing files in QuickBooks file manager

  1. From QuickBooks file manager, click on clients drop down and select add clients via and choose Update Client List Wizard.
  • Opt to Import from client folder names, if your company files and folders are already organized into your preferred format.
  • Opt to Import from QuickBooks file names, if the files and folders are not organized and to let the file manager scan your computer and import the files. The files will be named the same as they are named on your pc or computer.
  1. Use the drag and drop option to move the file from windows file explorer into QuickBooks file manager.

How to open a company file from QuickBooks file manager

  1. Either double-click the file to open or from the files drop down, select open in QuickBooks.

Note: while using the accountant edition, two files can be opened simultaneously through the file manager.

  1. Files can also be converted/or restored. Go to Files > Restore to QBW, or Convert to QBA.

Managing and Merging client folders

  • Grouped clients can be viewed into preferred groups based off of your clients.

Files are automatically grouped by year in the groups drop down of QuickBooks File Manager.

To manage the groups, go to Groups > Add/Edit groups, or Delete if any group is currently selected.

  • With the search option, clients can be searched by any specified term.
  • You can easily merge client folders. To do that select both folders, right-click then select Merge selected clients.

Note: no file will be lost by merging the folders.

  • From the Files drop-down, you can easily manage the client folders and files.
  • Information of the client will populate in the “Files” section to the right after selecting a client from the client list. After opening the file through the File Manager, file information will populate in the “Information” located to the right of the “Files tab”

If you face any trouble merging the files, contact the QuickBooks Technical support phone number.

Password Vault in QuickBooks File Manager

The Password Vault is a featured program of QuickBooks file manager stores the username and password for any of your company file.

Saved passwords can easily be managed by the Password Vault.

Note: a confirmation will be required while changing the password for security purposes.

Password vault login information can be managed from Password Vault > Change Password Vault login.

For security reasons, before adding client files to its Password Vault requires the user to create a user name and password.

QuickBooks file manager Batch Upgrade (not applicable to the UK)

The batch upgrade is a time –saving process since it allows users to upgrade all the selected files at once. The user does not need to upgrade the file one by one if using the Accountant edition.

To upgrade the files in batch, go to Batch Upgrade > Clients > Upgrade selected files.

Note: you can also view the unsuccessful upgrades (if any) within this window .click on List unsuccessful Upgrades to get the list of files.

QuickBooks File Manager backup

A backup system is provided in QuickBooks File manager that saves your settings and directories. You can easily restore your data to the most recent backup if you face any data loss issue.

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