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With this article, QuickBooks support team will guide you with the internet explorer, operating system, security and .net framework requirement for your QuickBooks desktop. If you are not able to work on your QuickBooks properly, you must ensure your system’s compatibility with the new security protocols.

TLS 1.2 security protocol

Know how TLS 1.2 affects system requirements for your QuickBooks desktop.

TLS 1.2 is a trending standard internet security protocol. It provides high stability and security to your QuickBooks connection. Multiple system requirements are needed by QuickBooks desktop to connect and access Intuit services.

The following will be impacted which are not limited but include the service if the system requirements are not met;

  • Connected services like payroll, online banking, payments etc
  • Activating QuickBooks desktop on a new device
  • Resetting the password using the tool
  • Services in which account credential of the user is required
  • Intuit data protect service
  • QuickBooks help pages
  • Service for ordering checks and supplies

You can use the TLS 1.2 readiness tool to know what system requirements need to be met for the proper working of the services. The tool updates the system requirements for operating systems, internet explorer and .NET.

Know the system requirements

To avoid issues or error with your QuickBooks desktop, ensure that the following system requirements are met. Also, your QuickBooks desktop version must be updated to the latest release.

Operating system requirement

You can use the following operating system for your QuickBooks desktop:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016

Keep a check on your system update, since system compatibility highly affects your QuickBooks desktop performance.

Contact QuickBooks desktop support team if you have any issues with QuickBooks performance.

Internet Explorer requirement

Internet Explorer is the default browser used by QuickBooks desktop. You may use any other browser as your personal browser but the features of IE are supported by QuickBooks. To get the best security and continuous updates, install internet explorer 11.

To upgrade your explorer, first, close your QuickBooks desktop, upgrade to IE 11 and then reopen the QuickBooks desktop.

.NET framework requirement

.net version 4.5.2 or greater is required by QuickBooks desktop. You can download the .NET framework from Microsoft’s website. Save and install the file on your system and once installed, restart your computer before opening QuickBooks desktop.

If you need any assistance with the installation, you can reach our QuickBooks support team.

In order to ensure that the internet security settings established are correct, you would be required to run your QuickBooks desktop as Administrator.

Sometimes the internet explorer group policy prompts an error message in order to enable TLS 1.2 protocol in internet explorer. You may require guidance and assistance for updating the system requirements. Contact our team of professionals who are also IT experts and will provide you the best assistance and solutions.

You can reach us on our toll-free number.

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